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Ghost Hunting With Yvette Fielding & Midsummer Murders.

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Also Ghost Hunting With Yvette Fielding & Midsummer Murders.

About Most Haunted & Most Haunted Live

Back in Spring 2002 a new TV Show called Most Haunted starring Yvette Fielding and Karl Beattie and produced by Antix Productions, hit our screens on Living TV in the UK. It was also shown on Travel Channel in the USA.

It is safe to say it was unique, it’s theme, could you lock yourself in a haunted location for 24 hours ?

The TV show appeared to come to an end when Yvette annouced she was leaving the show on 25th June 2010. Living TV released the rights in 2011. The show returned online in 2013.


Most Haunted Is Back 2013 From The Dead !

Most Haunted returned on Halloween 2013 with
The Rossendale Theatre / The Royal Court Theatre.
The new episode is only available to watch online with a subscription via Vimeo.

Visit The Official Most Haunted Website To Watch The NEW Most Haunted Episode

Ghost Hunting With The Saturdays

Ghost Hunting With & Midsummer Murders

Other paranormal shows by Antix include  Most Haunted : Midsummer Murders
and Ghost Hunting With … Yvette Fielding

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This site is a Tribute To Most Haunted That Was Shown On Living TV  & Made By Antix Productions
It is in no way connected with Living TV or Antix Productions.

All information is sourced from the world wide web, interviews and communication with those involved.

The site is run by Paul Griffiths & Mandy Grubb Bridgnorth

Galleries Of Justice Nov 2009

Phil Whyman, Karl Beattie, Paul Griffiths, Mandy Grubb and Stuart Torevell At The Galleries Of Justice Nottingham.