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Episode Guide Of Living TV’s Most Haunted Series 7

Mains Hall Poulton Le Flyde 1

Mains Hall Poulton Le Flyde

Mains Hall is reputedly circa 16th century but recent research has suggested that there has been a manor on this site since the Medieval times and possibly earlier. Our house was also a ‘Catholic’...

Old Church House Inn, Devon 0

Old Church House Inn, Devon

The building dates from 13th century, but the oldest part of the building is the fire place which dates back to the eighth or ninth century. Paranormal activity: Numerous paranormal experiences have been reported...

Coronation Street 0

Coronation Street

Granada Television Studios, Manchester The nation’s beloved soap, Coronation Street, is set in the imaginary town of Weatherfield, Manchester. It first aired on 9 December 1960 and is the longest running TV show in...

Castle Keep 0

Castle Keep

The Castle Keep is one of Newcastle’s oldest buildings and is a great way to learn about the city’s history. Built on the site of an old Roman fort by the River Tyne, a...

Lower Southwood Cottage 3

Lower Southwood Cottage

  In 2003, the owners came downstairs and found the whole of the first floor in utter disarray. They tidied up and went back upstairs. When they came down again, they found it had...