Ghost Hunting With… Presented by Yvette Fielding

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  1. Elise says:

    Would you consider investigating the Tunnels’ under Billericay High Street? They where used in the Maylower pilgrimage time? Billericay Essex has so much history…


  3. norford adams says:

    to whom it may concer ghost hunting, i was born in 1955 and in the carribean those years that i have expericenced through the years whilst growing up and living there, i have had anumerous experience of seetings and being touched while lying in bed inthe countryside as a boy i didnt understand these things thou my grandmother and grandfather often use to talki about these things and i have recently started viewing your programme and i know that these things are true and they exist and when derek and urself and gang mention of certain sighting brings back memories of the things i have experience dont want to keep on but if you like to hear more of my life experience then please contact me at my email address.

  4. jennifer wildman says:

    hi i am really interested in ghosts and would love to investigate somewhere haunted. my mum lives on an estate where a graveyard used to be.

  5. g.ward says:


  6. john campbell says:

    hi i am a fantic fan of ghoust hunting and most haunted and i an trying to arrange a ghoust hunt an raise money for a charity can you send me an information

  7. And orbs,i have so many in and around my house,i cannot count them .

  8. i have some pictures that few in the world may have.I have spirits with me that you can see,its so fantastic,Among them i have real elfen figure

  9. racheal lindsay says:

    Really really Would Love To do this. I belive in ghosts And Wold love to have contact and see if i can get anything from family members. if there is any way any of your team could take a few people that would be great, of screen or on screen doesnt matter, it would be an exsperiance of a life time !. x

  10. Tracy Greenwood says:

    I love both most haunted & ghost haunting with the stars. I would love to come on your show with my work colleagues and friend’s. I go on ghost hunts before but not had anything happen like it does on your program. Would be a dream come true if we could. Keep up the good work.

  11. donna dowson says:

    hi my names donna im 47 and i love the most haunted programm me and my 2 sons would love to go on one of the ghost hunts with yvette

  12. hi me and my partner would too aswell it looks good we got plas teg in wrexham lol but we would try with withthe London Dreamboys if the strippers come along with us we will go xxx

  13. i would love to come to any of the locations with yvette on my own and experence all of the paranomal activity they have to offer.i bet i would not be bring it on

  14. rachel says:

    really wants to go ghosthunting with yvette…is this possible i would love to get involved with contacting spirits and yvette is the best…please let me know if i can apply for me and friends thanx

  15. Charlie Pollard says:

    Is it only famous people who get to go on ghost hunts? cause i would love to do it as well. so would a couple of my friends would like to also.

  16. Bronagh Lennon says:

    How do I apply to do a ghost hunt with yvette?
    I would love nothing more!
    Ive heard apparently theres a way to apply to be involved in the team, I just need to know how, PLEASE let me know, it would make my whole life!

  17. Nicola and Luke Powell says:

    we’re 16 and us and 4 others would love to come on the show as we love Yvette fielding and are intersted in the afterlife.

  18. jodie clark says:

    im 18 years old and i have a few family members who would love to come on this ghost hunt with yvette fielding anytime

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