Manor House Restaurant, West Bromwich

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3 Responses

  1. Lynn Taylor says:

    Hi my grandmother lived in the manor house when she was a small girl this must of been early 1900’s she passed away in 2005 age 90 her name Nellie Jones as a young girl if you have any records please could you let me know I live in Australia my mothers maiden name Paddock her fathers name Frederick Paddock Thanks Lynn

  2. beth says:

    me and my skool are at the manor house and my friend thinks she sees things i do to but reading this i dont want to go anymore

  3. paul lloyd says:

    i was a volunteer in the 1950 s i found a Jamea 11 shilling

    a 13th century pticher handle

    german tokens under the draw bridge

    clay pipes when the moat was excavated

    uderground tunnels wer found

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