A New Future For Most Haunted ?

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  1. Sean Farrell says:

    Cant wait to see you guys and girls back where you belong TV :) Rock On MH :)

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  3. Jo Acheson says:

    Can’t tell you how excited I am that there’s hope for a new level of MH. A new generation of devotion has just begun in our household as our daughter (9years) is obsessed (as am I!!) and watches both episodes back to back on Pick TV every night. Would do ANYTHING to go on location for new series!! Hee hee

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  5. Claire says:

    Hi Lisa ……. 2013

    * When MH Returns,It will Be on a Free View Channel as Karl has said and also to be More Global for the Fans Old and New Worldwide………………………………………

    * There will be some usual faces but also a couple of new ones on the New MH Team and they want to bring members of the public on the investigations too.

    * There Will be NO usage of Mediums for Future MH Shows.

    * There Will Be Outtakes at the End Of Each MH Episode..

    * The MH Team will be also be Investigating Every Day Homes For Future Most Haunted and also Every type of Location In Ireland,Uk and Abroad with Good Hauntings.

    * The MH Team Hope to revisit Some Classic MH Locations From Past Shows from Lives and Series.

    * The MH Team have lots Of Ideas up there Sleeves for Future MH.

    * The Show will be back Bigger and Better and with more Scientific experiments and a Futuristic Feel.

    * Karl Beattie about MH in 3D: We have developed 3D technology that give us full HD 3D night vision images and we would love to do it in 3D.

    * There Will Be More Fan Interaction for the Episodes and Live Shows.

    * Antix Productions Recently Signed up with Lionsgate to help with Future MH and Ghost Hunting With Shows and Also Any New Shows etc

    * There will Be New Mobile Apps running alonside Future MH.

    * Karl Beattie: Both Yvette and I were thinking of running our own Official Most Haunted paranormal events nights or Conventions…

    * Karl Beattie:”We are looking at doing some MH shorts just for FB.

  6. lisa says:

    is there still no sign of most haunted coming back yet pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese

  7. Monica says:

    are you coming back for 2012

  8. mandy says:

    glad your back, was getting withdrawals, one bit of advice though, please choose your fellow ghost hunters with more care this time, as the constant screams and swearing was wearing a little bit thin last time, Yvette- your a brave girl, keep it up.

  9. CharlieB says:

    So Halloween’s just over 4 weeks away and still nothing from MH. What happened with Karl’s statement last year about it being too late to do a MH but they’d be back bigger and better than ever next year to “take back Halloween” – always though he was full of it!

  10. richard says:

    Any more news yet?

  11. lisa says:


  12. edie harrison says:

    brien shephard is so lovely and handsome

  13. katy says:

    repeats back on picktv

  14. will says:

    so its june 2012 wheres most haunted

  15. sharon says:

    hi iam realy excited that most hunting is comeing back on tv lets hope it dose hapen dose any one no when its comeing back on

  16. lorraine bryan says:

    Love the programme but all that sceaming and silly “did you hear that etc” gets very annoying after all you are there to find ghosts plus stop interupting the mediums except for Acorah he talks for the sake of it.

  17. liam haining says:

    hi i canny wait when is it back on omg now something to watch this halloween and christmas love most haunted iv seen it from the begin just exited love it canny waitt yeah omg hopefully there will be a 8 part episode like eight faces of evil and live cams dosent have to be on halloween but it would be good to have it to the comeback of most haunted hehe but will yevett still be doing the show mmm i hope so she was the best lol so pz hurry up and get back on tv wee need you big brother cameback but at anyother time its been boring soo plz hurry and thank you

  18. Chris Short says:

    Great news that MH will be back soon – really missed it. However, how is Yvette going to ever live down the fact that when she appeared on the Justin Collins show on Channel 4 or 5 ? she basically said that all mediums were fakes ?!!

  19. Chris Short says:

    Great to hear that MH is to return – missed you loads. However, how will Yvette ever live down the fact that she appeared on a Channel 4 programmeH (Justin’s) and stated that all Mediums were frauds ?!

  20. jo says:

    cnt wait for mh to start again! missed it so much! hurry up nd get bac on tv where u belong! x

  21. chris says:

    great news, the only reason to have sky tv is coming back

  22. Philip Spiteri says:

    Hi Yvette and Karl, it is great to hear that you will soon be back. I live in the sunny island of Malta and I always followed your episodes. As you know Malta is rich in history covering diffrent eras and dating back 7500 years ago. Maybe one day you consider investigate one of the historical places such as prehistoric temples, catacombs, palaces and the old capital city of Mdina, which empty houses are alive during the nights.

  23. trev says:

    cant wait to see mh back on our screens , halloween and christmas have not been the same without mh it feels like a member of our family is missing so hurry back we miss you!!!!

  24. susan giblin says:

    please hurry back tv not the same without you cant wait

  25. Brenda Massey says:

    Just logged on to this site and have to say am so relieved that Karl is going to bring back Most Haunted, I have missed the show so much having watched it from its conception….please please dont change your mind cant wait to see it again no other show can take its place…….xxx

  26. Donna B says:

    My goodness great news guys, can’t wait for the chance to also go to another live show. So pleased your back can’t wait for the new shows x

  27. David Totterdell says:

    Fantastic news. can’t wait to see the show again. you have all been very much missed

  28. Kev Hardwick says:

    The return of this prog’ to our vacant tele’s is fantastic news! I can hardly wait!!! SO GET A MOVE ON! People out here are suffering. But seriously, welldone Karl n Ivi’ Sky are crap with their five minute commercial breaks that were killing the show anyway, so good luck with the rebirth! or should that be re-death?!

  29. Phillip P says:

    Plain and simple TV has not been the same since most haunted finished nothing comes close hurry back team thx!

  30. clare says:

    Hi there, any news as to when u will be back with ur new and exciting stuff?

  31. great show big fans team should come to shropshire to our roman city and white ladies priory much wenlock just two of our many places like the shrewsbury battle site henry the 5

  32. john says:

    so what channel will it be on this year?

  33. Deborah J says:

    Can’t wait to see you all again

  34. carolyn says:

    Cant wait for MH to come back How much longer? There’s nothing like it !

  35. Ryan L says:


    Well theres been talk of 2 main channels :

    C5 – They wanted the program before. And the channel controller brung MH to Living..

    ITV1/2 – Ghosthunting with .. and with Karl stateing a big channel wont get any bigger than ITV..

    Bio, C4 and Syfi have been mentiond aswell..

  36. Charlie says:

    So which channel do you think it will return on? My guess is that it won’t be a terrestrial station, although if it did I’d plump for ITV2 or Five, it’ll probably be satellite again so I’ll go for Watch.

  37. Simon Patterson says:

    This is great news

  38. Henry says:

    Yippee. mh is coming back. just had a horrible sickness bug and just heard the mh news. the perfect cure. so excited. bring it on mh, you guys are amazing.

  39. Keith H. says:

    I have been watching Most Haunted from the beginning of the series. I have worked in broadcasting in America and Britain and have enjoyed and appreciated how you keep viewer’s interest through the progress of the show technically and educationally. I am happy to hear Most Haunted is coming back! I would like to suggest additions to the show by having a specialist or specialists on the vigils in the areas of religion, demonology and the occult. Most Haunted is providing important research information for studies in the paranormal. The Most Haunted team has provided me with explainations with cases I have researched in the past. I look forward to your new season ahead!

  40. Angie says:

    Have just read that most haunted is coming back thank god I have missed it love seeing all the crow all I would like to know now is when and what channel

  41. mel says:

    Not the same without Most Haunted. I miss the live episode at halloween. Didn’t know what to do this year! Went on a ghost walk in York with Trevor Rooney (the first and best walk.) Most Haunted come back soon.

  42. nikki says:

    yes she looked well very slender but no word of what channel we’ll just have to keep guessing for now x

  43. jason says:

    she looked really well just glad its coming back i forgot it was pre recorded my self i reckon its on itv then again could be wrong what about ch4 lol

  44. caroline says:

    OMG Yvette, You look good, its a shame we still know nothing yet. But hey your coming back to us next year roll on 2012, xx

  45. Tracey says:

    Ghost watch was really scary at the time !

    Yvette has just been on the Titchers Show. Not a word about Most Haunted unfortunately, just a ten minute section on some of the most haunted places she’s ever been to, which oddly enough are all on the latest DVD, lololol.
    It was good to see her though. She looks really well and her hair is the best I’ve ever seen it.

  46. jason says:

    dam lol she never said what channel its back on more guess work lol

  47. nikki says:

    @charlie classics!! i remember watching ghostwatch i was 18 good lord! and at the time a little gullible lol
    @jason HA must get my facts right mate sorry about that av a gud un
    cant wait for 3 o clock made some develish salsa to go with tortillas and some demon fajitas then trick or treating with hubby and daughter wicked love it sooo much take care everyone have a blinder of a night and cheers to halloween and MH xxxxxxxx

  48. Charlie says:

    Hard to believe it’s been two years since there was a live MH on the spookiest night of the year – doesn’t time fly! Will be providing my own scary entertainment tonight, we’ll be watching the DVD of BBC’S 1992 “fake” live paranormal drama Ghostwatch follwed by a couple of classic scary movies – The Shining and, what else, Halloween.

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