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most haunted 2015

Most Haunted 2018 Series 21 On Really (UKTV)

Most Haunted Crew  including Yvette Fielding, Karl Beattie, Fred Batt, Stuart Torevel

January 2018 including Birmingham Central Lock-Up, Llanfyllin Workhouse, Beaumanor Hall, Dudley Castle, Codnor Castle Cottage and the Moat House

About Most Haunted & Most Haunted Live

Back in Spring 2002 a new TV Show called Most Haunted starring Yvette Fielding and Karl Beattie and produced by Antix Productions, hit our screens on Living TV in the UK. It was also shown on Travel Channel in the USA.

It is safe to say it was unique, it’s theme, could you lock yourself in a haunted location for 24 hours. A theme now copied by 100’s of ghost hunting shows throughout the world.

The TV show appeared to come to an end when Yvette Fielding announced she was leaving the show on 25th June 2010. Then Living TV released the rights to Antix Productions in 2011.

Most Haunted returned with Most Haunted Christmas Spirits on DVD in December 2011. Then Halloween 2013 saw the release of a 3 part online special to become the beginning of Series 16.

In 2014 Most Haunted returned on Really TV.
Series 15  was first aired on ReallyTV (Freeview Channel 17) on Thursday 21st August 2014.
Series 21 aired from January – March 2018

Ghost Hunting With The Saturdays

Ghost Hunting With & Midsummer Murders

Other paranormal shows by Antix include Most Haunted : Midsummer Murders and Ghost Hunting With … Yvette Fielding

Random Post

Most Haunted RSS Discovery & HMS Unicorn

RSS Discovery

The two ships located in Dundee Scotland. RSS Discovery and HMS Unicorn, both are based within a mile of each other.
RSS Discovery built between 1900 and 1901 lived up to its name by carrying Captain Scott to the West Indies and New Zealand towards his historic expedition to Antartica. In Februrary 1904 two years on the RSS Discovery returned home to a hero’s welcome. Ghostly footsteps are heard throughout the ship, people believe it could be a crew member that followed Captain Scott to the Antartic, others believe it could be from a young man who fell to his death from the crows nest. A figure has been seen in one of the cabins, a ghostly boy has been seen running around the Ship and ghostly shadows have been seen, a ghost of a young sailor is seen so vividly that visitors stop and talk to him.

HMS Unicorn will be the main focus for the crew on this episode. HMS Unicorn is the oldest British Ship still afloat. The Ship fully launched in 1824, but the Ship never did get to see active battle due to due to onset of steam powered sailing, but the Ship did contribute to other things but it just remained in its location in Dundee. People feel uncomfortable on the decks as if someone is watching them, but the heavy booted footsteps and dark figures that scare people the most. There is only one known death located in this ship as well, one of the shipkeepers fell down the stairs near the boiler room and died and was found the next morning. Poltergeist activity is known to happen in one part of the ship and heavy objects and display cases are thrown on the floor when no-one is around. Some staff members refuse to enter the ship alone.
Steve Parsons is the Paranormal Investigator, and Guest Psychic Ian Shillito returns.

First Broadcast: 12th September 2006


This site is a Tribute To Most Haunted That Was Originally Shown On Living TV & Made By Antix Productions It is in no way connected with Living TV or Antix Productions Or REALLY TV. This site is now retired and is no longer updated.

All information was sourced from the world wide web, interviews and communication with those involved.

Galleries Of Justice Nov 2009

Phil Whyman, Karl Beattie, Paul Griffiths, Mandy Grubb and Stuart Torevell At The Galleries Of Justice Nottingham.