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Karl Beattie & Yvette Fielding

Back in Spring 2002 a new TV Show Most Haunted, produced by Antix Productions, hit our screens on Living TV. It is safe to say it was unique, its theme was simply could you lock yourself in a haunted location overnight?

Well that’s just what the Most Haunted team do. Presented by Yvette Fielding, the crew investigate some of the scariest places in Europe & America, attempting different methods and experiments to try and communicate with the dead, and prove the existence of life after death. Now in it’s 16th series with 21 Live Shows to boot the catch phrase …”Sleep tight” is now known to millions of viewers throughout the world. Shown on Travel Channel in the USA.

Meet the Tribute To Most Haunted Writers

Matt Barlow

Matt has always had a keen interest in the paranormal and enjoys learning about the history of haunted locations. A self confessed super fan of Most Haunted, he regularly attends ghost hunts and visits haunted locations across the United Kingdom and further afield! His passion for ghost hunting started when he moved into what turned out to be a very haunted house in his second year of university in Leicester! His favourite location is the Niddry Street Vaults in Edinburgh, home to Most Haunted’s nemesis The Stone Circle. He is also editor of GhostMag, an online paranormal magazine

Paul Griffiths 

Paul has been interested in the paranormal since his teens. Starting with classic hammer films and books by the likes of Stephen King, James Herbert and Dennis Wheatley. As he has got older the fiction turned to the non-fiction fascinated by the work of the late great Harry Price amongst others. He admits it was the original episodes of Living TV’s Most Haunted with Phil Whyman that finally took him from being a viewer to actually becoming involved. Paul sits on the fence with his beliefs, he wants to believe but seeks the proof, however he is always open-minded, in the words of Chris Carter “The Truth Is Out There.” Paul runs Betelguise Web Design in the historic market town of Bridgnorth.

Mandy Grubb

Mandy’s interest in the paranormal was brought out when Paul Griffiths introduced her to Most Haunted. Like Paul she is quick to agree it was the early episodes that were the best. She believes the most important part of ‘ghost hunting’ is the proof and this means finding something that can’t be rationally disputed. She is a firm believer but would love to see something positive with her own eyes. Mandy lives in Bridgnorth with Paul, a son and two pampered cats.

Galleries Of Justice Nov 2009
Phil Whyman, Karl Beattie, Paul Griffiths, Mandy Grubb, Stuart Torevell at the Galleries Of Justice in Nottingham

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