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Most Haunted Chat

Hi all, I have just added this post so you can post general chit chat comments. Don’t forget to follow all the latest news about Most Haunted on Simon Healys Official Most Haunted Facebook...

Most Haunted Digital Magazine

After speaking with Paul and Andy from Haunted Digital Magazine we have managed to secure a pre-order special of the “most” haunted digital magazine for Most Haunted fans, with the guarantee that everyone who...

In search of moderators

Hi All, As I have very little time to dedicate to this site thus if it is to continue I am in search of a moderator, preferably someone who can post new articles and...

An Odd Post : But Please Support Virgin Trains West Coast Line

An Odd Post : But Please Support Virgin Trains West Coast Line

In the 6 years of Tribute Most Haunted I have never promoted anything personal to me, but now I ask you all to please support something very dear to me. You have all seen...

We are back

Sorry for the delay in repairing the site. Thanks for your support from all you Most Haunted Fans. Keep the faith  

Fred Batt Gothic Calendar 2012

Limited Edition Fred Batt 2012 Gothic Calendars Signed Personally To You Containing Beautiful Satanic & Gothic Colour Plates that can be framed after use. Makes an Unusual Gift £14.99 +Postage & Packing Visit