David Wells

David Wells

Psychic Medium Series 4 – 9
David was born in a village north of the Border’ stuff and was brought up in a small Scottish village, where his mother worked in a knitwear factory and my father was a coal miner.

Hejoined the Royal Navy aged 16, left when hr was 24 and began a career in catering within hotels and leisure clubs.
In 1991 he decided to go back to college as a mature student to study leisure as a career, funded by working 40 hours a week as a chef and a waiter in a small hostel in the south of England.

Whilst on a Christmas Holiday in Scotland in 1992 he found hisself in hospital, unconscious suffering from pneumonia. On the second night in hospital he found myself in the corridor being told to go back to bed by an old lady – he did as she asked only to find he was already there! Thinking nothing more than he had been dreaming he forgot the incident and was released a few days later when improvements to his health were great enough.

He returned to England and was convalescing when he started to experience odd happenings in my home, so odd that he found it impossible to sleep. A friend suggested that he visited a woman who ‘knew about these things’ and he duly did.

This remarkable woman was to be his teacher, mentor and friend through an extraordinary journey that was to unfold over the next ten years.

We were lucky enough to work with David at a Dead Haunted investigation of Wymering Manor.

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  1. Hi David Wells , brilliant to see you again , the only phsycic i really 100% believe , would love to ghost hunt with you anytime x

  2. i think your great david:) i think you can see them and i dont believe until you started as i thought derek was faking it!!!!! x

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