Gordon Smith

Gordon Smith

Psychic Medium Series 7
Gordon Smith is an astoundingly accurate medium, renowned for his ability to give exact names of people, places and even streets during readings. His outstanding abilities as a medium or messenger from the spirit world have brought comfort and healing to thousands of people worldwide. Even as one of the UK’s most prestigious mediums he still works as a hairstylist at his salon in Glasgow where he keeps his feet firmly on the ground, giving him his famous nickname The Psychic Barber.

The groundbreaking Everyman documentary Mediums: Talking To The Dead which aired in September 2004, left critics speechless and provided unparalleled insight and groundbreaking objective reportage of Gordon’s abilities as a Medium. Following Gordon around the world, the programme documented hisastonishing debut appearance in the trans-atlantic psychic circles of San Fransisco and witnessed the heart-warming and unexplainably accurate personal messages he gave to grieving parents in London during one of the free one-to-one readings for which he has become so highly sought.

Even amidst the scepticism that surrounds mediumship, Gordon has dispelled any doubters with his unrivalled ability to deliver proof of life beyond death. He acknowledges how imagination, grief and distress can affect people’s perceptions and how charlatans and frauds have added to the confusion.

Working with Professor Archie Roy, Emeritus Professor of Astronomy at Glasgow University and Tricia Robertson of the Scottish Society for Psychical Research, Gordon has significantly contributed to the development of a scientific approach to studying the evidence given by mediums to their recipients.

‘I have allowed my mediumship to be subject to experiments in the hope that knowledge will grow from them. I have assisted the true seekers in tests, blind tests and double blind tests. It matters not to me whether people believe that what I do is genuine. All I can say is that I try my best.’

Over the years his experiences and research have led him to know the reality of the unseen world and have inspired him with the passion to reveal the unbelievable truth.

Gordon joined the team as psychic medium for Series 7

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  1. i would love to meet with gordon and have wanted to for many years, but sadly i live in the south. i am from the north and am trying to get back via an exchange, desperately! does he ever come to the south.
    also my son and myself would love to go on ‘most haunted’. is this possible.

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