Lesley Smith

Leslie Smith

Historian On Most Haunted

Lesley Smith (born 1957) is a scholar, historian, heritage publicist and actress. She was resident historian on the television show Most Haunted Live! (2006 – 2009, 2010 – Present) and presenter of Most Haunted: Midsummer Murders. She has also been featured on the show The Worst Jobs in History.

Aside from her TV work, Smith is the curator and lessee of Tutbury Castle, a position granted by the Duchy of Lancaster, for which she works as Public Relations Officer. Since taking the position in the year 2000, she has presided over a 12-fold increase in visitor numbers. To reward her achievements, the University of Derby recently awarded Smith an honorary master’s degree. At the conferment of the degree, she was described as “a remarkable social historian of the 16th century who is passionate about and committed to raising public understanding of the subject.”

Leslie is also well-known for her dramatic interpretations of Queen Elizabeth I and Mary, Queen of Scots, for which she dons authentic replica costumes. She performs regular ghost hunt evenings, in character, at Tutbury. She also takes these reenactments, as well as those of Nell Gwyn and Anne Boleyn, to theatrical and charitable venues

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