Lesley Smith Historian On Most Haunted

Lesley Smith Historian On Most Haunted Lesley Smith (born 1957) is a scholar, historian, heritage publicist, and actress. She was the resident historian on the television show Most Haunted Live! (2006 – 2009, 2010 – Present) and presenter of Most Haunted: Midsummer Murders. She has also been featured on the show The Worst Jobs in … Read more

Melanie Crump

Melanie Crump is a media make up artist and the founder and Academy Principal of the Bath Academy of Media Makeup. Born and raised in Bath, Melanie left home as a teenager to train as a Makeup Artist in London. Since 2002 she has worked successfully in many fields of the media; Television Drama, Fashion, Entertainment, … Read more

Yvette Fielding

  Presenter / Producer Most Haunted Born : 23rd Sept, 1968 Yvette Fielding was educated at Pownall Green Primary School and Bramhall High School in Bramhall, Stockport, in Greater Manchester. She also attended Hillcrest Grammar School, Davenport and Dane Bank College in Crewe (studying drama). Fielding’s first major role came in 1983 when she was … Read more

Chris Burton

Chris Burton has been the principle cameraman on Most Haunted since 2007. An integral part of the team that is always there with a rational explanation until that is when something jumps out and spooks him. Chris is a brave chap that will readily go into the creepiest part of a location but when an … Read more

Fred Batt Biography

Fred Batt joined  Most Haunted Team in 2008. In past programmes he has helped as a historian and demonologist. Fred has always had an interest in witchcraft and all things dark. Fred’s quiet nature and understanding of the darker side of the supernatural has helped the team understand malevolent spirits that are not at rest. … Read more

The New Most Haunted Team For 2013

With the Return of Most Haunted at Halloween 2013 so came a new team. As shown on their website http://www.officialmosthaunted.com Yvette Fielding With a wealth of knowledge under her belt Yvette has become known as one of the world’s leading experts in paranormal investigation. She has taken her team around the world on a quest … Read more

Karl Beattie

Director Of Photography, Director Of Antix Born: 20th May, 1963   Karl Beattie started his career in television on the set of BBC’s live children’s show ‘Parallel 9’ as a camera assistant. He was quickly snapped up by an outside broadcast company, Visions, and trained there as a cameraman. Karl has worked on some of … Read more

Ciarán O’Keeffe

Parapsychologist   Ciarán’s diverse background begins in the US, where, in 1994, he graduated with a Liberal Arts degree at Washington College, majoring in Music & Psychology. There he completed an honors thesis on paranormal experiences in conjunction with a representative from the Institute of Parapsychology (now Rhine Research Center). Following several years of nursing … Read more

Stuart Torevell

Rigger and Cameraman on Most Haunted Since 2002 Stuart Torevell was born on 1st April 1974 in Stockport, Greater Manchester. He is a camera operator and rigger working for Antix Productions on shows such as Most Haunted. He is a cousin of Yvette Fielding. Torevell is mostly known for his on-camera role as a paranormal … Read more