Derek Acorah

Psychic Medium Series 1 – 6 Born: 27 January 1950   Derek Acorah’s family discovered his enhanced abilities of clairaudience at the tender age of six, after Acorah relayed a message to his Grandmother from his Grandfather, a man who died five years before Acorah’s birth. But Acorah’s first passion as he grew older was … Read more

Ian Lawman

Guest Psychic Medium Series 4 & Series 8  Ian Lawman hails from a normal, working class family, but broke from following a traditional career path at the tender age of 16, when he become a top Dancer and Fashion model. His modeling won him the accolade of being the Face of 97. Later, after many … Read more

Jason Dexter Karl

Presenter Series 1   Jason starred in the first series of Most Haunted as the resident presenter, in this series it was a regular event to start the investigation with Jason going over what methods and equipment he would be using in the programme. Jason started his television career at the age of 14 in … Read more