Souter Lighthouse, Tyne and Wear

Built in 1871, the Souter Lighthouse in Tyne and Wear was once home to Grace Darling’s niece Isabelle in 1881. As the investigation begins, Derek picks up on tobacco smells from a man from the Cantris shipwreck at the top of the lighthouse. Yvette and Jason detect paranormal activity on one of the monitors in … Read more

The Ostrich Inn, Colnbrook

The village of Colnbrook near Heathrow is home to the third oldest pub in Great Britain, The Ostrich Inn. Legend has it that in the 1400s over 60 people met their death there and Jarmin, an evil landlord, murdered visitors by throwing them in hot oil. When the Most Haunted team arrive, evidence is found … Read more

Leap Castle, Ireland

Leap Castle in Ireland was built in 1604 and is currently home to a great deal of paranormal activity. While waiting for Derek to arrive, Rick experiences something whispering I his ear at the same time as Jason records high electromagnetic fields! Soon after, Derek senses the elemental ghost that is half-man-half-animal. Derek also manages … Read more

Drury Lane Theatre

Drury Lane Theatre in London is considered by some to be the most haunted theatre in the world. Using his paranormal skills Derek talks to the famous Man in Grey until the spirit of another ghost takes over his body and talks to the crew, helping uncover the murder mystery surrounding the theatre. Whilst Derek … Read more

Avebury Stones & The Red Lion

  Dating back to the 1600s, Avebury Stones, along with the nearby Red Lion pub, is reputedly one of the most paranormal places in Great Britain, the latter of which is allegedly haunted by three ghosts… During a vigil, Derek sees one of the ghosts who was killed and thrown down a well. Further investigation … Read more

Chillingham Castle

In the 1100s, Chillingham Castle, was witness to many battles between England and Scotland. Since the 13th century, the same family have been living there in harmony with ghosts. Derek not only sees but feels The Blue Flash Boy whose bones were buried in the wall of a bedroom. A hissing noise in the corridor … Read more

Athelhampton Hall

History of Athelhampton House Athelhampton House, often referred to as Athelhampton Hall, is a quintessential Tudor manor house in Dorset, England. This magnificent structure is a testament to English architecture, dating back to the 15th century. The manor was built in 1485 by Sir William Martyn, the Lord Mayor of London. This historic house passed … Read more