Pleasley Vale Mills History

Pleasley Vale Mills renowned for their haunting atmosphere, surrounded by ancient woodland and steeped in history, local legends, and folklore were formally the thriving Coates Viyella factory. Pleasley Vale Mills History It was William Hollins and four other established businessmen who decided that Pleasley Vale was a good place for a cotton mill. The textile … Read more

The Old Hall Hotel Sandbach History

The Old Hall Hotel Sandbach is a near perfect example of genuine Elizabethan architecture, built from original wattle & daub, and was probably one of the last genuine black and white buildings to be completed in England. The earliest date given to the building is 1656, which is probably when the descendants of Sir John … Read more

Annesley Hall

Annesley is situated eight miles north-west of Nottingham, close to the Derbyshire border. Most of the area is more than 500 feet above sea level. Annesley was spelled ‘Aneslei’ in the Domesday Book, which roughly means that a man named “An” lived in an area of cleared woodland. Recorded in the Domesday Book is also … Read more

Bodelwyddan Castle

The history of the house and estate extends to before 1460 though the association with the Williams family dates from around 1690. The Castle as seen today is a creation of Sir John Hay Williams dating from between 1830 and 1852. Architects Hansom and Welch were employed by Sir John to refurbish and extend the … Read more

Oldham Coliseum Theatre

  The history of the Coliseum is as rich as any other theatre, its past shrouded in mystery, speculation and bad business deals. In 1885 a Mr Myers contracted local carpenter Thomas Whittaker to build a permanent home for his Grand American Circus in Henshaw Street. A court case soon followed when Mr Myers admitted … Read more

Salmesbury Hall

Description: Ancient hall at one time used as an inn and school, now preserved by local trustees. The original building was constructed in 1325. History: – The first Hall was built by the D’Ewyas family on the bank of the River Ribble but this was destroyed by Robert The Bruce, following the battle of Bannockburn. … Read more

Ordsall Hall

Description: This once moated Hall dates back 820 years. The name Ordsall appears in print in 1177 as ‘Ordeshala’. There was probably a house at Ordsall by 1251 when William de Ferrers, Earl of Derby, exchanged the manor for land in Pendleton. History: – The Radclyffe family have been connected with the hall for over … Read more

The Chough Hotel

Description: Hotel named after a famous Crow-type of Cornish bird. No one knows exactly when the hostelry was built but it’s believed to date back to the mid-1600s, as there is a fireplace which bears the date of 1644. History: A disastrous fire swept through the area in 1578 but the building survived. In 1685 … Read more

Black Swan Hotel, Devizes, Wiltshire

Description: Former pub, now a hotel. The current building was built in 1732. According to John Girven (local historian) the cellars date back to the 1600’s when a previous pub known as the Nags Head stood on this site. History: It was owned by a notorious horse dealer and suspected highwayman, Ambrose Saintsbury. In 1732, … Read more