Kasteel Ammersoyen

Description: In 1350 Dirk van Herlaer ordered Castle Ammersoyen to be built along a branch of the river Maas. Contrary to other medieval castles, Castle Ammersoyen was built according to a fixed plan. Four wings were erected around an inner-court with four heavy towers at the corners. History: In 1386 the van Herlaer family lost … Read more

Kasteel Doorwerth

Description: Ancient castle located on the border of the Rhine. It was a centre of power, government, and administration of justice. In 1260 there was a wooden fortress on the site, which was destroyed by a warlord of the bishop of Utrecht. But 20 years later it had been rebuilt in stone, and was again … Read more

Castle Leslie

Description: Private castle now owned by descendants of the original Leslie clan. The castle was bought in 1655 by the Bishop of Clogher John Leslie but was added to and rebuilt in 1878. http://www.castleleslie.com/ History: The Leslies can trace their ancestry back to Atilla The Hun. The first Leslie came from Scotland and was a … Read more

Kinnitty Castle, County Offal

Description: Former ancient castle, now 37-room luxury hotel Era: ” The first Castle at Kinnitty was destroyed in 1209 and was later rebuilt by the Normans in 1213. http://www.kinnittycastle.com/ History: After rebuilding the castle, the Normans were driven out by the powerful Gaelic clan, the O’Carrolls of Ely. 1630, William O’Carroll built a new Castle … Read more