Sinai House

The house is made up of two buildings and is grade II listed, it is made up of Jacobean, medieval and 1700s building, half of the house now lies derelict but is under the process of being renovated. The house as been used as different things, there is some circumstantial evidence it was once used … Read more

Drum Barracks, California

  Though many do not realize that California was involved in the Civil War, the Drum Barracks played an important part in the conflict. Originally, the Drum Barracks, a five company post was established in January, 1862 and called Camp San Pedro. In December, 1863, the post’s name was changed to Camp Drum, in honor … Read more

Leonis Adobe, California

Description and Era: -The original portion of the house was built in 1844. Miguel Leonis extensively enlarged and remodeled it in 1880. History: – The site of Calabasas was once inhabited by the Gabrielino Indians. – In 1795 Franciscan priests from the Mission San Buenaventura traveled across California looking for a site for a mission … Read more

Hollywood American Legion Hall, Los Angeles

Description and Era: – – The building was completed in 1929 and its architecture has been described as ‘Egyptian Revival-Moroccan Deco’. – The building is a Los Angeles Registered Historical Landmark. History: – The hall has always been an American legion post but was also the favourite haunted of local artists, film stars and politicians … Read more

Tretower Court & Castle, Wales

Description and Era: – The first castle on the site was a timber Motte and Bailey constructed at the end of the 11th century (Approx 1081 when the Normans came to Wales). The original stone building was built in around 1150 and subsequently modified, the tower being added inside existing stone walls at a later … Read more

Hellens Manor, Ledbury

Description: The original hall was built in approximately 1250 but it was heavily modernized in Tudor times to the building we see today. The inner courtyard dates from 1290. The house was last modernized during the reign of Charles the 1st (the Staircase Hall and Music Room was added at this time). History: The Manor … Read more

Tissington Hall

Description: The hall was built by Francis FitzHerbert in 1609 (this replaced a moated manor house that was to the north of the church). However, the top floor of the house wasn’t added until 1700 and Joseph Pickford (a well known Derby Architect) remodeled the West Aspect in 1780 by adding a projecting central bay … Read more

Peterborough Museum

Description: The building was built in 1816 as a private house by Thomas Cooke. However, the Cellars are part of a far older house that was built on the site in the 16th Century. History: The Orme family owned a house on this site from 1538. Thomas Cooke (a local magistrate) and his wife Charlotte … Read more

Smithills Hall, Bolton

Description: There has been a building on this site since the 13th Century. The oldest part of the building dates from 1335, it was then extended in the fifteenth century and again in Victorian times. It is now a Grade 1 listed building. History: The major families associated with the hall were the Radcliffes, the … Read more

Elvaston Castle

The true love story of the Elvaston estate as we know it today really begins in the early 1800s but the full history of the Elvaston estate can be traced back to the 11th century and earlier with ownership changing hands several times in the proceeding centuries. Records show Sir Thomas Hanselin as one of … Read more