Caesars Nightclub

Part two of the Ruth Ellis investigation takes the Most Haunted team to Fred Batt’s South London nightclub. The largest club in London, Caesars was closed for many years. When current owner Fred Batt re-opened the club eight years ago strange things started to occur. Staff report unidentified footsteps along corridors, dark shapes seen moving … Read more

The Clockhouse , Surrey Hills

Part one of the Ruth Ellis ghost mystery. This very large privately owned house, built across Medieval, Georgian and Victorian periods, is said to play host to strange noises, doors opening and closing, dark figures in corridors and a room that seems to harbour a number of spiritual entities. When spiritualist medium Derek Acorah picks … Read more

Pengersick Castle

This ancient and crumbling castle invokes the troubled maritime and smuggling history of Cornwall. It is said to be built on the site of a Tudor Manor around 1500. The grounds include a large wooded area with ruins that play host to ghost sightings of sailors and monks. This is an atmospheric location that spooks … Read more

Llancaiach Fawr Manor House

A 17th century manor house that has been renovated to its 17th century state and is said to be haunted by many of its previous occupants: soldiers, children, and a maid. Reported sightings include a cot that rocks on its own… The manor was home to Colonel Edward Prichard during the Civil War. It is … Read more

Pengersick Castle, The Clockhouse, Caesars Nightclub

This is an atmospheric location that spooks even the hard-bitten, worldy-wise Most Haunted crew. Pengersick Castle.   Pengersick has always had a reputation for magic, mystery, sorcery and particularly, ghosts. There are said to be more than twenty separate presences at Pengersick Castle including: a ghostly 14th century monk; a 13 year old girl who … Read more

House Of Detention, Clerkenwell

The prisons on the site of the House Of Detention date back over 300 years. In 1845 it was decided that the entire area should be re-built as the Clerkenwell House Of Detention. This was soon to become London´s biggest remand prison detaining as many as 10000 prisoners a year. Although demolished in 1890, almost … Read more

Skirid Inn, Wales

The oldest pub in Wales has a gruesome history, in which more than 100 people were hanged in the stairwell. After eliminating all natural causes, the crew becomes convinced that a door is opening and closing of its own volition. The pub’s history can be traced back beyond the Norman conquest. It is said that … Read more

Station Hotel, Dudley

This hotel has had guests running from their rooms in fear, and the cellars are said to be haunted by the spirit of a murdered maid. Originally built in 1910, the Station was rebuilt as a larger hotel in 1936. Famous guests over time have included Laurel & Hardy, Bob Hope, Bing Crosby and George … Read more

Tutbury Castle

Tutbury, celebrated for its ruined castle, was once a market town seated on the south bank of the River Dove. The tower on top of the motte dates from the mid 18th century. The original Norman castle is said to date back to 1071 belonging first to Hugh de Avranches and then to Henry, Lord … Read more

Brannigans Nightclub

Series Two of Most Haunted opens with a very spooky investigation into a disused church which occupies the upper floors of Brannigans nightclub in Manchester.Brannigans is Located in the former Albert Hall building in Manchester. It is a popular bar and night club. However upstairs can be found an old disused methodist church with an … Read more