Ghost Hunting With McFly

Ghost Hunting With McFly

For this episode, Yvette takes the McFly band into the Northumbrian countryside to visit three different locations. While the four band members were in high spirits for the tours of the locations, their personalities change completely upon switching to night-vision.

Underground mine Yvette takes the band underground to explore a dark and damp mine; all five were required to wear hats and welly boots in order to pass through the mines. The first person to be scared is Dougie, who loses his hat, runs into the wall and cuts his lip upon being startled. Knocks are heard almost frequently whenever Yvette called out, and after a while suggests the group split up to explore the two different tunnels. Upon arriving at the end of their tunnel, Tom and Harry play a prank on Yvette, Dougie and Danny by knocking when she attempts to call out. However, their prank is apparently mimicked by an unseen entity, and the five decide to move on upon Harrys instructions to “leg it”.

Forest & cottage Yvette takes the boys to a forest, where a cottage, formerly used for keeping male slaves in cramped conditions, also resides. During a séance, Yvette and McFly make contact with a male spirit who throws a stone around the room. Next, Yvette prepares a challenge for the four of them; she assigns Tom and Dougie to one tent in the forest, and Harry to another. Danny, however, is told to remain in the cottage; after 15 minutes, Yvette blows a whistle as a sign for the boys to return to her. Danny gets freaked out when he hears knocking, Harry becomes too scared to do anything, and Tom and Dougie become distracted with a game to hide their fear; the two later admit to having felt like something was touching them during the challenge.

13th century castle For the last part of the night, Yvette takes the band to a castle, where paranormal activity is said to be frequent. Harry even tries calling out to one of the spirits himself. After taking them on a tour around the castle, including an old smoking room (now a bedroom), a bathroom and a few old dungeons, Yvette begins her final challenge. She gives the boys a choice to stay in a haunted room for as long as they can handle, or wait outside in the taxi. Tom and Dougie are the only two to refrain from staying in their rooms. Danny stays in the dungeon, lasting a fair few minutes before being let out, while Harry is sent to the old smoking room, where he agrees to stay for only five minutes with security outside the room.

First broadcast: 23 October 2007

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  2. Think we may have caught a picture of a ghostly figure at chatworth house. The spirit actually looks like they are posing for the photo.

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