Ghost Hunting With Paul O’Grady and Friends

Ghost Hunting With Paul O'Grady and Friends

Originally stated as Ghost Hunting With… Paul O’Grady and Friends, Paul O’Grady, Jennifer Ellison, Philip Olivier and Natasha Hamilton jet off to Italy to join Yvette Fielding as she investigates some of the most scariest and sinister locations Sicily has to offer. Yvette appeared on the Paul O’Grady Show in April 2008, where she explained with Paul, their experiences whilst filming for the show, during which Yvette and Paul both hinted the episode may be used as a Christmas Special. In the episode, the team visit Carini Castle, an Opera House, and try to connect with a two-year-old who was entombed in the Capuchin Catacombs in 1920.

During the 2007 Most Haunted Live from Transylvania, in an interview, Yvette Fielding explained that Paul O’Grady had originally been lined up to take part in a Most Haunted celebrity special. This came after he took part in the Most Haunted Live in London during 2005. However, before filming could commence (which was scheduled for the end of 2006), Paul fell ill. Living TV decided to go ahead with the commission, with the exception of turning the recorded programme into a Live show. In 2007, plans were made for Paul to take part in Ghost Hunting With…, fulfilling Yvette’s ambition of taking him on a full-length ghost hunt.

First broadcast: 4 September 2008

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  1. I’ve searched everywhere but can’t find it. Please please please put it on dvd. It was one of the best ever!!!!

  2. please can you help i have look everywhere to buy ghost hunting with paul o grady and friends but cant find it can you tell me where i might be abel to get it thank you yours mrs ruth watts

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