Ghost Hunting With The Happy Mondays

Ghost Hunting With The Happy Mondays 

Yvette Fielding takes legendary Manchester band Happy Mondays on a journey to the dark side in Lincoln and Nottingham’s scariest locations. She introduces them to ghosthunting techniques and secrets, before challenging them to spend a lonely night with only ghosts for company. Will the Mondays’ reputation for hell-raising help rouse the dead?

First broadcast: 12 September 2009

5 thoughts on “Ghost Hunting With The Happy Mondays”

  1. Hi Claudia GH with the HMondays is a really funny one i would recommend it to anyone!!!

    They do repeat them from time to time on itv2.
    Normally around 1 new episode per season so we should expect a new gh with? pretty soon.
    Anyway here is a link for 1 on utube will follow on next post! if the mods allow.

  2. i would love to watch a few of these episodes but there not on you tube or on the internet pleas could you tell me were i can watch them you can contact me on a few of the most haunted the next generation pages on Facebook thanks 🙂

  3. I have been trying to find this episode for ages, It’s never on tv, it doesnt seem to be anywhere on the web, and you cant buy it. Does anyone know anywhere where i can see this episode from?

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