Most Haunted Midsummer Murders

Midsummer Murders

Most Haunted: Midsummer Murders is a new and exclusive eight-part spin-off from one of LIVING’s longest-running and most successful commissions. The redoubtable Yvette Fielding will be leading a team including historian Leslie Smith and psychic David Wells into such quaint British beauty spots as Pluckley in Kent, Lymm in Cheshire and Ruthin in North Wales. These are places that seem to belong to a bygone and more innocent age, which makes the team’s revelations all the more sinister. Leslie Smith guides the crew to the site of at times brutal unsolved murders, while harmless local customs are discovered to have their origins in disturbing pagan rituals.
In many cases, the polite folk who inhabit these green and pleasant corners of the country have had their lives disrupted by ghostly activity and unexplained sightings for years. Can Yvette and the other Most Haunted experts solve these supernatural mysteries and restore peace to the lives of England’s villagers?

  1. Stoney Middleton (20 April 2007)
  2. Nantwich (26 April 2007)
  3. Castleton, Derbyshire (3 May 2007)
  4. Pluckley (10 May 2007)
  5. Ruthin (17 May 2007)
  6. Tutbury (24 May 2007)
  7. Tarvin (31 May 2007)
  8. Bakewell (7 June 2007)

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