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Hi all,

I have just added this post so you can post general chit chat comments.

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  1. On watching the latest episode/series, i have notice that you may have missed a vital piece of evidence. When karl, evette, mel, and chris was in the projection room, they where talking about the tapes being moved on the ledge of the veiwing window, if you look through the viewing window it looks like 2 figures walk past, one as a dark shadow the other almost like a full bodied apperance, i may be mistaken however i just wanted to make sure you all didnt miss something.
    thanks guys and welcome back, me and my mum have been waiting for a new series so we can have a giggle with you. however we are sad to see the pony leave (this is not true we are quite releaved to see her go)
    will there be any mediums returning?

  2. Hi hi Claire , lol i think i’ve wrote my comment “Glad to see you back ” on another page , oh well , well i’ll shall say here too Twice for good measure !!!!!! xxxxx

  3. Really enjoy the programme but the weegy board is too big now ,to much camera shots on own faces instead of on what is happening around you and not enough fixed cameras on known objects that you know that have activity.never get rid of stu as he attracts a lot of activity.

  4. Hi All

    @ Nikki bit of a shock eh, pay the man for the rental of the new MH eps….. then get slapped with an extra hidden fee …… and then you cant hear or see it …. wonderful stuff lol ….. no Karl has sorted it out now so ….

    Yes lol it was the same with the digi mag Most got stuck in front of Haunted hehe x

    Yvette & Karl will be on Alan Ttch show today ….. oh and btw folks are being hit with an extra charge for having to pay in $$$$ think its £2 more 😉 I have heard that Ppal dont charge so watch out hehe

    Hey Bio is no more 🙁 Think new episodes of The Haunting Of & My Ghost Story are on C I thursday night

    W\wishes xxx

  5. hi hi

    @Claire ooo you make me laff pain in the botty good one lmao ! but not good for those who have tho eek .
    our broadband is terribly slow at the best of times , so i sympathise with others if so .

    mmm comment above dont make promises you might not be able to keep (nt you claire acertain per ) xxx

  6. Hi All

    Just to be clear about the new MH eps :

    Fred Batt
    The New series will only be available on download and you will not be able to view it anywhere else.

    Karl Beattie Hi sadly the show cannot be downloaded as people would just steal it and put it on youtube and that isn’t fair to everyone who has paid. x

    ??? hmmm ok, well Karl said that last night so that must be right enough no downloads 😉

    Karl Beattie
    Hell everyone, Just to let you all know that we have uploaded an enhanced sound version of the first three MH eps in the new series. Apparently some broadband providers couldn’t handle the first ones. If you are having trouble with it buffering that will be due to the broadband service you have and how many people are on the line at that time. It work really well for some and slow for others so we know it works. I am thrilled that you are enjoying them, three more will be uploaded soon and there are some special bits coming also. The service will improve with each day as our technical monkey’s are just fab. We have more and more surprises for you all. Thank you all once again you are fantastic and have spurred us on to continue with this show we love so very much. xxx

    There seems to be problems with payments from reading comments on fb …… some accounts deem the transaction suspicious and will not allow you to pay and then your account gets blocked !!! it took this person 24hrs to unblock her account ….
    Mind, a lot are getting it no bother but it is worth knowing because if your account gets blocked!…. well thats a right pain in the botty.

    Well have a good week guys W\wishes xxx

  7. Hi All

    Anyone watched MH 3 eps yet ? …..

    Karl Beattie
    Hello lovely people. Thank you all so much for you wonderful comments on both the New Most Haunted online series and the live streamed event on ReallyTV.

    Although it was a bit frustrating having so many needless contraints and being kept on a tight lead it was great fun, apparantly I am having an affair with Wonky Lamp and my jumper is a hit in California! The live streaming trended number 1 here in the uk and also in California, we reached 4 million people on Twitter alone.

    A huge success thanks to the wonderful Yvette, made us all realise how much we missed the live shows…so I will make you all a promise…come hell or high water we will get you a Most Haunted Live back soon. Xx


  8. Hi All

    I hope you all had a lovely Halloween 🙂

    @ Nikki 😉 hehe poems yeahh x 🙂

    Well MH sent the internet crashtastic crazy last night, Really’s website could not cope with the demand …… i tuned in for a bit but omg i could not stand the excitement so i had to give up …. no mater, some kind person taped the highlights and posted them on youtube, so for anyone who missed it or erm, could not stand the pace, here are Really’s investigations best bits

    Yvette Fielding: What an interesting night. Got me and Karl thinking… We try and produce our own live streaming show! What do you think? X”

    Yvette Fielding: 3.9 million people joined in with me last night. We were no 1 trend in UK and California USA. Wow!! X”

    Karl Beattie
    Please remember that the ReallyTV thing is NOT an Antix Production, if it was you would hve a proper live ghost hunting experience…really!

    Karl Beattie:
    Well managed to talk then round a bit, stil far from perfect but A soon as Mrs B could ask out and get both Fred and I involved we trended on Twitter, just think how great it would ve if we had the while crew in a mh live event! Xx

    Now the MH website had its troubles too and crashed a few times but the new ep will be available for 30 days, i think? ….. i am slightly confused that they want us to pay in $ dollars ??? whats up with that ? ….. apparently you get 3 new shows for your buck$ ! erm, if they start selling dvds that will be a mini box set surely? if we get 3 eps a month? ooo £$£$£$

    Has anyone seen the new eps of MH yet ? reviews are mixed on fb …. someone was offended at the mediums being replaced by the Church of England … bad sound was mentioned …..but it got lots of, “i love it” too …

    Ghostlands,… 🙂 i did watch, ……and it was excellent!!!! … i cant wait for the next installment xxx

    Now more stuff

    Phil Whyman

    Join paranormal investigator Phil Whyman and his Haunted Ruins team, as they spend 24 hours in what many believe to be one the most haunted castles in Wales. Camped in the very heart of the castle itself, the crew battle the lonely darkness, wind and rain as they delve deeper into the castle’s haunted history…for some it’ll be a night they won’t forget.

    HAUNTED RUINS with PHIL WHYMAN (Ep.1) will be availbe to watch via YouTube from 5pm Saturday 2nd November.

    Don’t miss it…

    Did anyone see Derek on Celeb juice last night ??

    Right well there you go have a great friday and weekend W\wishes xxx

    Yvette Fielding
    Pinched Karl’s phone in the break, I’ve setup discount code ‘yvette’ on the new Most Haunted Store for you haha

    Simon MostHaunted Healyposted toMOST HAUNTED
    If people use the code ‘simonhealy’ at it’ll get them a £2.00 discount off any orders valid until the end of the year
    Love to you all x

  9. Just paid for my 30 day subscription. How exciting!!! Can’t wait to watch
    Happy Halloween!
    Have a great night!!

  10. Happy Halloween Guys
    what a feast for the eyeballs to watch
    @claire I concur my lovely , i really really do , enuff said !!!!

    enjoy the festivities para pals , tis the greatest night , where you may get afright ,and if you see a ghost dont poke it with a post, just doth your cap and say how do you do , and it might return with a litlle BOOOOOOO .

  11. Hi All Happy Halloween 😀 xxx

    Anyone visit the new MH website yet? …. i did, and it crashed ooops sorry MH … I hope they have that glitch sorted by tonight 😉

    Pictures of the cast old and new ?? hmmm? one of them is a Vicar ?? Dog collar and everything, m m m ?

    But no pics of the social media network guy Si 🙁
    Why is that then ? where is our Si ?

    MH fans were not happy last night after finding out from the webpage! and not being informed personally by the team that there would be a charge.
    Not good really, 🙁 Fans deserve more than that …. ok the team is busy BUT i think the faithful deserved better. And to leave it that late ooo ?

    All fans complaints were valid imo ……ok the price is not excessive at £1.25 but if your skint it is.

    In MH defense it is a bargain compared to other para show downloads, but, now that fans are literally having to pay to keep MH up and running …. i think its time they had a voice without fear of their comments being deleted or being banned from the group. Fans have waited faithfully and patiently for this for a long time.

    Someone said that MH had to cover a lot of costs, i am sure thats right but also said live streaming was expensive, ermm ? i think its downloads ??
    I could mention how much it costs to fill the tank of the GHW Taxi just to highlight the normal fan re MH,….. but, whatever………

    I may cough up ££ in time but there is so much para tv going free right now … i’m good atm 🙂

    MH did not come on to talk to the fans until later on, here Fred’s statement 😉

    The charge is for the New series, the back catalogue is available on You Tube. The New series will only be available on download and you will not be able to view it anywhere else.We have to make a small charge to cover costs of making it which are quite substantial. You will see when you download that you will be getting a lot more than you are expecting.The LIVE show on Halloween is for REALLY TV and available live on their website hosted by Yvette FREE of charge LIVE…So Yvette live host on the Really TV website tomorrow 8pm till Midnight and the NEW Most Haunted series streaming from tomorrow evening onwards from the Official Most Haunted Website – yOU WILL BE ABLE TO VIEW THE NEW WEBSITE AT THE ADDRESS BELOW BUT IT WILL NOT BE ACTIVE UNTIL TOMORROW EVENING FOR THE NEW SERIES..Fred Batt

    lil tip Fred, CAP LETTERS ARE NEVER GOOD 🙁

    Later Si said this

    Good Evening Folks sorry about My Absent this Evening as was Busy with helping My Family! I would like to point out I dont appreciate the slander and Abuse I got this evening from a lot of people over 1.25 in messages and on here on the page for Most Haunted Online Episodes which was announced Today.I knew nothing about the price as thats up to Yvette and Karl to say or announce! I dont appreciate being called a liar and being made a complete fool of online! All the information that has been posted has been from Karl the past 3 years or copied over from his posts as I wanted to keep you all informed.I have worked hard 24/7 to get all the information to you all since 2010! Its sad having to come on and justify myself over all of this and I may not come on here much anymore.Too much blood sweet and tears I have put into the social media which some are taking advantage off! Happy Halloween to you all and I hope you all enjoy New Most Haunted as it is Fantastic!
    Simon H x

    Anyway its back so enjoy 🙂
    W\wishes to you all, have a lovely Halloweeny para thursday 😀 xxx

  12. to simon healy and fans

    i am delighted most haunted is back but on the website it says the cost is £1.25 a month and this means i cant watch the show as i have no way of paying online for anything. i am very upset about this it should be free for the fans there is no way i can watch the show now this is awful

  13. Hi All you Paranormal pop pickers, (my dear friends)…. its all go, so get set for a major update 😀

    Where does one start hmmmm 🙂

    Right pc’s at the ready 8pm – 12 Halloween Yvette goes solo and wants your feedback on Really’s website via twits and fb …..

    MH have their website up and will show a new episode on Halloween …. worried about a clash so are a lot of people,…. but all that is being said is it will be available on the new website ?? Now i guess that means tune in whenever you have time ?
    Matter of cost has not been discussed as yet ? so again, i guess that the 1st episode will be a freebie ???
    Get yourselves registered on youtube, and subscribe to MH page why i dont know as they will be showing all their new stuff on the new MH page ….. which i hope is a strong one as if they leave it late for people to register there the site may crash with everyone joining at once ?
    Ok i think that is all the news on MH i will post all the relevant details and links below x

    NOW Ghostlands is another thing to join youtube for and it looks thrilling ….. made by our wonderful Dr C ….. labour of love for him and he is sharing it all with us …. he is looking for answers, evidence, proof and truth, nothing less will do.
    Watch live at 9 on youtube, or, whenever you can, thats how good he is to us xxx Good luck Doc i hope a network is watching and you get your own show xxx

    Also on youtube from 3am on yikes, i know! but …. (i will be checking in on it from midnight onward as it seems to good to be true) Ghost Adventures live from Transylvania then a live chat on youtube with the fans afterwards ?? fingers crossed this is right guys xxx

    I hope i havent missed anything xxx

    From Si

    JOIN OUR LIVE ONLINE GHOST HUNT WITH YVETTE FIELDING HALLOWEEN 2013! This Halloween at 8pm till Midnight Yvette Fielding will be hosting a live-stream from the REALLY website at The Old Rectory. The 16th Century Tudor house in Surrey is notorious for its reputed ghost sightings. Tune into on your computer, mobile or tablet device and get involved with the Twitter chat using the hashtag #GhostsOnReally. You might not want to watch alone! Click the Following Link for more Information IMPORTANT: PLUS, MOST HAUNTED IS BACK FROM THE DEAD THIS HALLOWEEN 2013! The Most Haunted The Online Series will Kick of this Halloween on Most Haunted’s Official Website : Episodes will always be there to view!! Please Share and Spread the Word as we want everyone to tune in and not miss these Shows!! Thank You All So so so so Much!! Team Most Haunted x — with Yvette Fielding and 3 others.

    Karl Beattie
    Yvette is hosting a live feed for Really TV to help them boost their figures for their paranormal shows. We are launching MH on (new website, address is in Si’s link) on the same night too. Hope that clears it up x

    Ghostlands Dr C
    This is a preview of Ghostlands. This is an insight into my investigations, not bound by television, that can be seen by everyone, where it is not about the people, but about the evidence.

    Join us Halloween, 9pm (GMT), YouTube.

    Ghost Adventures
    Are you ready for the new 2-hour Transylvania Ghost Adventures special AND live Google+ Hangout with the guys on Halloween night?

    RSVP to the live event now >>

    Oh my eh, hehe well i hope i havent forgotten anything hope your enjoying Pick tvs Halloween week W\wishes xxx
    please post lol

  14. Hi Guys
    for those who are lucky and with power and can get on to the internet , lets just spare a thought for those who are affected by this terrible storm ,and say a prayer for the teenage lad and his parents , the lad is 14 yrs and has been swept out to sea off the suffolk coast , terrible , they are doing all they can to search , but they fear the worse

    Vicki i hope you are ok mate , thoughts with you and anyone else in the south .

  15. will their be any live episodes for halloween 2013 ? miss watching the live episode and watching online on the cams.

  16. just me again still not letting me post even on my new lap top ,whats this ghostland thing how can I watch it lol gawd its great to be back just wish it would let me post lol xxx

  17. im back lol ,how are my women doing lol ,my laptop broke just got a new one gawd I missed you loads ,well any news on most haunted ,and therennrew webpage ? nikki xxx debby xxx Vicki xxx Claire xxx love you and missed you xxx

  18. Hi All

    @ Vicki awww glad you liked it, not much but full of best wishes for you!!! xxx So pleased you had a great Birthday 🙂

    Excellent news Vicki it just keeps getting better … what next ?… how can they top what they have so far …. really looking forward to the big reveal 😀

    @ Nikki yes i noticed RS return but thank you …. well i am so chuffed about GL and cant wait, everyone is very excited ….

    Pick tv has a host of shows from 9pm till late starting next week … worth a wee look MH Midsummer Murders is among them so great to see David again.

    Well have a brill parathursday W\wishes xxx

  19. what a load of lying cheating pieces of s—t you lot are, why you get paid for this is a bloody mystery, anyone with even a few brain cells can see right through it all, why are people so gullible!!!!!! most haunted ha ha ha my big toe is more haunted than anything you put out, if you weren’t making money from this tripe it would be really funny but you are and that makes it extremely bad. I just feel so sorry for anyone out there that believes all the crap you show in the name of entertainment, I’ve seen things that take the piss but you lot go much further than that and should be stopped, it’s sick but then I suppose it suits you all!!!!
    P.S. Kath keep screaming maybe you’ll lose your voice one day and give all the poor unfortunates that watch you a break, oh and by the way when the suns out you get a shadow so don’t look Kath you may just have a heart attack, oh just how sad it all is, so, so, so, bloody sad.

  20. Goodafternoon all

    @Vicki How excited am i ? and all about this ? about the length and breadth of the whole globe and back again ! , it will be hugely welcoming to see many past faces that we have grown to know and love . Roll on those 8 days , but hey what’s the time MR wolf ???? will they let us know soon pretty please !
    also for Ripper St fans it’s back on , Monday 9pm .
    Aww i love Disney too , well i cannot love it with an 11yr old wee lassie who’s dreams of going on a disney cruise all day long bless her ! she’s been to disney Paris and that was the start of her dream lol .
    Wow i’m really looking forward to halloween now , even more so
    what say you as well Claire?, Debby,Jason etc xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  21. Aww… Thank you so much, Claire. That was so sweet of you, I’ve always loved Disney and Disney Fairies (Tinkerbell is awesome!) I had a great birthday, made all the more special by speaking to my friends. You’re all very special to me. xxxx

  22. Hi All

    @ Vicki its brilliant 😀

    i hope he gets a series i know i’m jumping the gun lol but hey why not 😉

    And btw have a wonderful Tribute Birthday we all think your ace and want you to have the best day ever HAPPY BIRTHDAY VICKI 😀

    Wishing you fairy magic x

    Ok have a good one guys W\wishes xxx

  23. Hi All

    @ Nikki aww thanks for that x ooo that old lady is one to watch eh …. ahhh good he opened the letter … that could mean that when they return they might have the medium join the team … ?

    The last witch started well then got weird but it was ok, in fact it was left set up nicely for a series ?

    Yeah bad side of mediumship there such a shame as they can ruin peoples lives,
    See you soon x

    Stuart Torevell
    Can not wait for most haunted to back. I am it’s biggest fan. I have even seen some of the team . I got to touch Karl once . That was the best day of my life.

    Yvette Fielding: “Today I am taking the legend,Mike Sweeny on a private ghost hunt at the Acadamy in Manchester. Can’t wait to watch this Salford boy scream” x

    FYI MH is back on Pick tv next week 6pm

    @ Jason American Horror Story : Coven FOX 29th October x

    W\wishes xxx

  24. Hi hi
    @Claire oooo well talking of whitechapel the van swerved to miss the old lady and went into a truck full of fuel so the van blew up with all of em inside and as it did it cut to the chief (handsome devil) who opened his letter and the message read
    “Dont put them all in the van ” and then it ends aaaaa another series beckons , defo

    watched the last witch , enjoyed it but it was on the weird side and there’s no follow up as i can see , just another different drama matters ??? so a one off then .

    good grief no wonder Colin is angry , that is a ridiculous situation , how people get away with this ,begs belief , good for Colin to speak up about it .

    yeah amazing event if you could afford it ,nevermind .

    W/wishes xx i’m sure Jason will catch up soon xxx

  25. Hi All

    @ Nikki … yeah that would be spooky fun 🙂 Bit pricey though awww well at least we get Halloween tv this year.

    Yup me too, enough already with the porno cartoons

    Para Alley hehe yup

    Oh what happened at the last mo of Whitechapel my recording stopped just as the lorry was coming arrrggg! so i missed the end!!

    Jim was really out there man

    Yes Jason we are worried wolfy where are you x

    W\wishes xxx

    Colin Fry
    42 minutes ago via Mobile
    Ok , some of you are not going to like this but it’s my opinion and I am going to have my say .
    I just do not approve of untrained and totally inexperienced people giving so called readings to other people on Facebook ! I am getting so fed up with people contacting me telling me how these people have upset them and told them very stupid and hurtful things .
    Many of these people doing these amateur readings have emotional and mental problems themselves and are the last people in the world to be giving out advice to anyone .
    Anyone who is notified to me having done this will automatically be blocked by me – I may not be able to stop these people but I can prevent them from feeling they have my approval when I assure you they don’t !
    There will be no warning , no second chance it will be an instant blocking

    Special announcement

    Colin Fry & Derek Acorah
    Four special shows with the original uk tv mediums
    Book now
    10th NOV Dartford Orchard Theatre 01322 220000 Afternoon performance

    13th NOV Stockport The Plaza 0161 477 7779

    14th NOV Chesterfield The Winding Wheel 01246 345333

    15th NOV Llandudno Venue Cymru 01492 872000 Link

  26. Hli guys u all ok?
    @Claire omg i would give anyhting to dine with degsie and Richard in my lil hometown , what an splendid evening that would be , wish i had money or to the point money to cover the ticket costs ! wow someone’s gonna get a good evening , and i jolly well hope they do enjoy it lucky beggars !!! lol

    well i’m glad they went with pumpkin !

    oooo Dr C it sounds good my man !!!!right up our para alley !

    boo hoo no more Whitechapel , what a fabulous series ,and so like the whole cast .when is the next season , as it has left us in suspense for another !

    ooo hope you enjoyed the doors matey , music at its best

    w/wishes to all , jason where are you ? shout out to ya !!! xxxxxx

  27. Hi All

    MH has opened another fb page i just got in thank you kindly 🙂 not sure why as Access is there ?

    Dr C has released another trailer he walks from the darkness into shot, screams are heard and as he reaches the camera he darkly says “enough already” and silences the screaming ……. how he kept a straight face ….. really looking forward to this show 🙂
    Derek and Richard are teaming up for a one night only Halloween special

    New digi mag is out today 2 new issues for £5

    Looks like they gave in and went for the Pumpkin Head cover instead of the fake female Witch in a bikini ………… yeeehaaa for Pumpkins that says Halloween the Witch pic says something else 😉

    Ok i think thats it so take care W\wishes xxx

    Jason you ok xx

    Watching The Doors live atm on Sky Arts wow

  28. Hi All

    Did anyone watch last nights Strictly lol that Dragons Den Lady sat on the side and her partner boogied on up to her …. imagine if a fella pranced up to you at a club like that … i’d phone the Police hehe…… look out for it if you havent seen it lmao

    Dr C put a pic up of his dream team which were the GhostBusters of course ooo that be good eh 😉

    Well i hope you all have a great day W\wishes xxx

    Jason xx

  29. Hi Nikki. Sorry i dont know Lucy?, she used to be a frequent poster and was very popular on Access …. She also asked Yvette a question in the digi mag so,…… she was kinda well known in the fb MH circle.
    But now i am busted for lurking erm, yeah i do visit her page and her psychic page because i am nosy and i find mediums interesting, i even accidentally sent her a friend request once lol she must have thought who the hell is that, so durr on me …… anyhow like i said i dont know Lucy but yes she says that she could be fronting a new psychic show ? so

    Sorry i did not think i ranted, oops, no, its just i got Sky to watch MH……… i cannot afford pay per view, and after all Karl did promise freeview ….. anyhow, i wish them all the luck in the world.

    NIGH are very good i hope you enjoy as thats all for now x

    @ Jason 🙂 xx

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