Most Haunted Pembrey Woods

Pembrey Woods

Barrie John joins the team as they travel to Carmarthenshire in Wales to investigate the spooky Pembrey Woods, which are reknown for tales of phantoms.

Many ships have been attacked and burnt here, their cargo stolen and their men slaughtered. These “men of the night” would carry lanterns to lure boats to the rocky shore where they would then be attacked. Among the cargo were exotic animal such as dancing bears which would then be lose in the forest. There are also tales of a mysterious ship with tattered sails and an eerie green glow, along with the regular sightings of apparitions walking on water

First Broadcast : 15th April 2008

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  1. Hi Craig we are looking at going for an investigation. if your interested we are on facebook also the website is no official date set in stone atm, but add yourself to the group and keep an eye out for a date coming up soon if your interested. x

  2. Strange and interesting comments. Cefn Sidan attracts many nuts inlcuding trees of coconuts that have been washed up. The forestry is unlikely to have been harbouring whitches in the 14th century because it was only planted in the 1930’s and the dune structure on which it was formed was tidal and at best a flooded marsh area even 200 years ago. The land was recovered from the sea by the building of a huge bank called Bank y Lord built by Lord Ashburnham 200 years ago and before that time the tide lapped inland to Randall Square on Spring tides. Since the arrival of the Bank cefn Sidan has grouwn at a rate of knots towards Llanelli and must be opne of the festest pieces of real estate on the planet. Wreckers were about before the Bank but they were opportunists and plundered the cargoes of ships which ranged from cotton to coal; timber to trinkets; rum to raisons and brass to monkeys. Many local families made their fortunes from the wrecks swarming on the sands before the local magistrates could organise proper salvage. All the wrecks found are well document. Some were enver discovered buried in swirling and drifting sands on this vast desert of a beach. The plunderers would travel from Carmarthen in carts if the cargo was worth it and often in stormy weather there were three wrecks a week. The majiority of the wrecks, because Peninsula is growing out to sea, are under or inland of the fostestry. Only four, fairly young wrecks, are visible on the sands. None of these are victims of wreckers. Witches and coverns? Pembrey is a meeting place for lots of groups, even naturists from Ireland. Historically it has a leper colony and there was a WW 11 prisoner of war camp there too. It has been found in recent times by the motor sport fraternity and even the late great Ayrton Senna used to fly his model aircraft of the sands taking a break from practicing for McLaren on the adjacent Pembrey Circuit. Ghost Green Ship? Baloney. There is marsh gas and military ranges round the coast stretching to Pembroke with the SAS and other NATO troups often dug in on exercise. You could step on them, without knowing they are there. So yes there bumps in the night but they are more liklely to be the uncomfortable sounds of some disenfranchised squaddie yearning for home. Cannot understand how the beach and woods can be so difficult to find? Pembrey Country Park is one of Wales most popular visitor attractions pulling more than a million visotrs a year. It is a glorious place or sea and sand with the backcloth of a Corsican pione forest. And even with such heavy numbers…there were 20,000 Beach Break Live Studntns thwere this summer – the beach can still look as deserted as the Sahara. It’s eight-miles long when the tide is in and round the waters edge of this peculiar convex beach that is Cefn Sidan, when the tide is out it is more than 12 miles round the outer edge – and the tide can go out for more than a mile. You have to run to beat it coming back in.LOL

  3. can some let me know the exact location of pembrey wood(where its near,how to get there, etc) as am hoping to do investigation of area

  4. I was in pembrey woods last weekend,omg what a place,it was my second visit there and on both times i had camped in two different places and have not been let down with activity,last weekend we experienced something very creepy in the dead of night in the woods,on looking into the woods from where we where camped in the distance we could see 4 figures standing there looking towards us in our direction,we all then got this strange sense that we wasn’t welcome there,so then we made contact with them using an ouija board,they didn’t waste any time in contacting they asked who we was and what was we doing there and asked if we was hostile,anyway they said that there was 4 of them and that they was white witches dating back to 1485,we told them that are intentions were good and not to worry,they seemed to be ok then and offered us protection by making a pentagram formation on the ouija board but i must say while all of this was going on we could all hear the voice of a man shouting,what ever it was or who it did’nt sound very friendly,this happened twice and while on the board the witches told us that this person shouting was of a dead man who isnt very nice,hence them giving us protection……..anyway would like to add here im looking into wanting to make up a small team of us for investigations if you are interested the investigations will take place on the weekends and will go on all night where ever indoors,outdoors,warm or cold,I have some ghost hunting equipment and do take this very serious !!! I live in the swansea area of south wales,if you feel that you fit the bill please get back,I’m really keen to hook up with other people that are serious about getting a team together,plz get bk Col

  5. I went there w ith my friends paranormal group spent all night there last October, Very eerie place even though a forest in the pitch darkness is eerie anyway. We walked along the forest path for about 2 miles stopped and called out, then we saw white lights in the forest moving back and forth (which resembles the lanterns movements to intice the poor souls off the beach and in to the forest. some of us saw a big black figure but mostly the lights were often seen. I am going there again this Saturday night and looking forward as the activity there is at its highest in late summer time due to the warmer weather whch is what these people took advantage of due to the lack of warm clothing. What people dont realise is that these men who did these horrific crimes were starving no money at all no work and n o option reason is the swansea docks took over all incoming ships from camarthen leaving hundreds homeless and desperate beyond what even we can imagine today. These people after they comitted murder ran from the beach straight to the church to pray for forgivness while covered in blood, the church is not there anymore but the outline of the building is there to see.

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