Most Haunted Exeter Old Court

Exeter Old Court
The Most Haunted team travel to Devon to investigate Exeter Old Courts where many would have been sentenced to death in its long, bloody history. Its claim to fame is its involvement in the Bideford witch trails which were largely based on hearsay evidence. The trial concluded with the last ever hanging for witchcraft in England.

Rougemont Castle dates back to William the Conqueror who claimed the city after a short siege in 1068.  The Norman Gatehouse with its Saxon architectural elements is one of the oldest surviving pieces of Norman architecture in England.  The Courts were established in the current building in 1774 although the site’s association with the judiciary extends back to 1563.

First Broadcast : 2nd December 2008

11 thoughts on “Most Haunted Exeter Old Court”

  1. and its clear to me that a gost or haunted place will never end in less its put to sleep.most sciencsitis say if thats how you spell it ?

  2. that seem’s to me verry scarry and i have decied to invesaigate it and look into it my self and im hopeing to get to the bottem of this mistry .

  3. Exeter old court…scariest thing i’ve ever seen. When they say they hear footsteps coming towards them, a face is clearly seen in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Put it on slow motion and it appears from the doorway and rises up and towards them. Freaky!

  4. It’s been over a year since the show ended, and there is no news about it returning. I think we need to face facts, it was good whilst it lasted, but it’s over and we all need to move on, sadly.

  5. During this program there is footsteps heard in cells nothing was noticed but at 40 mins 45 secs there is clearly seen an orb or something running along floor towards the door just wondering if any one else noticed

  6. I see it too. I can’t understand why it wasn’t discussed! They go on about the footsteps but no mention is made of the thing caught on camera. I’m glad to find a few people who could see it – I thought I was just going mad! I’ve tried googling it and there seems to be no mention of it anywhere?! (Other than the odd comment like this!)

  7. hi when watching exeter old court i saw some thing, towards the end when they hear some one running towards them their is a face that passes by a few times check it out how awesome!!!

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