Most Haunted Wookey Hole, Somerset

Wookey Hole

Wookey Hole is a village close to Wells in Somerset, England. It is within the parish of St Cuthbert Out.

One possible origin for the name Wookey is from the Old English wocig (an animal trap), although it is also a possible alteration from a Celtic word ogo (cave) referring to Wookey Hole Caves.

The village of Wookey Hole is dominated by the Wookey Hole Caves tourist site which has show caves, and a controversial Crazy Golf course which was built on the site of the village Bowls green.

The village has shops, a pub, restaurants, hotels and a campsite.

Glencot House is a Grade II listed country house dating from 1887, by a Mr George and Harold Peto, for W. S. Hodgkinson. A report of the building appeared in The Building News, 13 May 1887; the architect’s drawing was exhibited at the Royal Academy, and is now at RIBA.

Since 2007 Glencot House has been a country house hotel owned by Martin and Ioana Miller.

The 18th-century Bubwith farmhouse is also a Grade II listed building, as is the post office in the high street.

The Monarch’s Way and Mendip Way long-distance footpaths both pass through the village. Ebbor Gorge National Nature Reserve is just outside the village.

Somerset plays host to Yvette Fielding and the Most Haunted team as they visit Wookey Hole where as the story goes, a witch was turned into stone. The clashing of cymbals and ancient pagan rituals await. The spectacular series of caverns, 25 of which form the wonderful family visitor attraction, were formed over millions of years by what is now the River Axe which runs out of Wookey Hole and past the Mill, giving rise to the local belief that it flows from deep within the Underworld. They have seen human habitation for over 50,000 years and around 200AD, the Greek diarist Clement of Alexandria described hearing sounds like the “clashing of numerous cymbals” coming from the caves. The Mill has its own share of supernatural apparitions which convinced the Most Haunted team that an investigation of Wookey hole and its surroundings was long overdue.

First Broadcast: 10th March 2009

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  1. My Daughter works as the witch of wookey hole last night she had to sleep on her own in the staff dormitory, she has just phoned me to say it was the scariest night sh has ever had with stamping, the covers being pulled off her, and a gruff voice saying dont like !!

  2. as you can see having the special surname as i do wookey i was thrilled to see the show on wookey hole as a little girl i loved hearing all the stories told to me about wookeyhole blessed be

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