Most Haunted Southern Mansion, New Jersey

Southern Mansion, New Jersey

An industrialist by the name of George Allen constructed this structure as a summer getaway for him and his family in the year of 1863. He has an avid interest in the architecture that was common in the south, and used that interest to construct this home. While the home has experienced many architectural changes throughout history, one thing remains the same: there are a large number of spirits said to reside in and around the structure. Here, you will learn about those hauntings.

The Spirits of Southern Mansion

 There are said to be many spirits of Southern Mansion. It is believed that the renovations that have occurred at the mansion have brought these spirits into a life of their own. In the following list, you will be introduced to the various spirits that are said to occur at the haunted Southern Mansion in New Jersey :

One of the rooms in the structure has resulted in many to experience what seem to be paranormal experiences. It is believed that a highly emotional death occurred in this particular room, though it is not known whether the death was related to a murder, a suicide, a sickness, or a natural death. Individuals that enter this room claim that they feel the emotions and tension at extremely high levels. Varying degrees of anxiety and tension are said to occur in this particular location. Many often claim that they feel a very “heavy” and uncomfortable feeling, though there have not been a physical appearance of an entity; the “feeling” is there that one exists.

There was a resident of the Southern Mansion by the name of Ester Mercur. It is believed that this lovely lady still resides in the home, despite the fact that she has passed away. Prior to the most recent renovations, she was seen throughout the structure and appeared quite saddened by the overall state of the building. However, those that saw her before the renovations have claimed that her appearance has drastically changed since the renovations were completed. Ester was the niece of the original owner, George Allen. Today, when her apparition is seen, she is happy and appears to be quite content that her home looks as wonderful as it did when she was in it for the last time.

Many who work to prepare meals in the kitchen area often claim that a female apparition intently watches as they prepare the meals, cook the dishes, and clean the kitchen. It often appears as if the elderly woman is quite pleased with the kitchen staff and enjoys trying to help out in the best way possible. It is believed that this is also the spirit of Ester.

When many have visited the home, they have been quite surprised to hear the laughing and jovial voice of a happy female spirit bouncing off the walls of the inside of the structure. In some cases, they not only hear the laughter of the spirit but they see a beautiful woman dancing merrily in various rooms. This is believed to be George Allen’s niece as well! Voices and whispers have been heard throughout the haunted Southern Mansion. It is believed that several spirits of the past are still in the structure and spend time engaging in conversations. Many paranormal researchers have validated the presence of these whispers and voices through the use of EVP, or “Electronic Voice Phenomenon”.

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 First Broadcast: 10th February 2009

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