Most Haunted Gaumont Cinema, Liverpool

Gaumont Cinema Liverpool

The Gaumont Cinema by Toxteth – more commonly known as Dingle’s Gaumont Cinema – is situated in a very interested spot.  It has been observed that the haunted theatre’s position on a map of Liverpool forms a triangle if plotted alongside the nearby Turner Memorial Home and the impressive Ancient Chapel of Toxteth.

The odd shape of the cinema is simply due to the curve of the roads the building stands beside. It was built in 1937 to house Britain’s first Gaumont projectomatic system. This is a cinema system that automatically changed film reels and controlled the lights. The issue of light control is interesting as some of the reported hauntings in the old building have featured the lights.

The art deco building was built to replace the Dingle Picturedrome. After the Gaumont theatre was decommissioned it was turned into a bingo hall.

Hauntings at Toxteth Gaumont Cinema

There have been a number of ghost sightings at the cinema; ranging from strange lights to shadowy figures.

It is rumoured that a bingo player lost her life while playing the game – her heart giving out to the drama. One of the popular stories suggests that she still lingers on in the hall trying to claim her winners. Another local story speaks of a suicide; a man who killed himself behind the cinema screen.

 First Broadcast: 10th November 2009

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