Lower Southwood Cottage


In 2003, the owners came downstairs and found the whole of the first floor in utter disarray. They tidied up and went back upstairs. When they came down again, they found it had happened again. But they never heard the furniture being moved.

  • Computers have been found on and running, even when they weren’t plugged in.
  • The cats have been found in locked rooms.
  • Chairs have been moved out onto the landing.
  • Knives have been taken out and stuck into the bread board.
  • The owners believe that there’s the ghost of a little girl present – children’s toys often go missing. Some are returned some never are.
  • The owner bumped into someone but there was no-one there and visitors have been ‘touched’ or ‘pinched’ by an unknown force.
  • Extreme cold spots are felt throughout the building.
  • There is a Collie that is sometimes seen running with their 2 dogs.
  • Figures have been seen in the outside mirror.
  • The Shetland pony was once found in a stable with another horse – the stable was bolted from the outside, tricky for a horse to do.
  • The figure of a girl has been seen sitting in the garden.

In Cottage 1

The coffee table has been turned upside down.
DVDs have been found having been taken out of the cupboard.
Figures are regularly seen from here moving across the house towards the bathroom.

The owners keep a Tupperware box full of medicine in the bathroom – it disappeared and was found a few days later, in the fridge.
They once went into the bathroom to find everything had been tipped into the bath.

Dining Room
Singing is often heard in here.
Orbs have been seen with the naked eye.

Cold spots are often felt on the staircase.

Main Bedroom
Both Penny and previous tenants have regularly seen a nice old lady in here, she pokes her head round the bedroom doors, as if she’s checking everyone.
Figures have been seen going through the room to the old fireplace.

Small Bedroom
People often feel threatened in here, as though someone is looking over the bed and the windows are often found open.

Cottage 2
Footsteps are often heard on the landing, as is someone’s voice, muttering.

People feel as though they are being watched.

Sitting Room
An ex-boyfriend of one of the family was sleeping in here and thought he saw an RAF uniform in the fireplace – the next morning he was told him that the RAF had been stationed here during the war.
A figure has been seen sitting in the chair in the sitting room.

Play Room
A family member was sleeping in here once and awoke to find someone staring at him.

The cottage was gutted by fire in 1992, there was a bag of hay on these stairs that was completely untouched.

Main bedroom
Lots of people feel very uneasy in this room.

First broadcast: 1st November 2005

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  1. Your facts about Lower Southwood Cottage are wrong, its my house and the facts you have are massively incorrect

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