Mains Hall Poulton Le Flyde

Mains Hall Poulton Le Flyde

Mains Hall is reputedly circa 16th century but recent research has suggested that there has been a manor on this site since the Medieval times and possibly earlier.

Our house was also a ‘Catholic’ house and was owned by the staunchly catholic family, the Heskeths (linked to the Heskeths of Rufford Old Hall) who lived (and died) here for more than 300 years.

Cardinal Allen (having family links with the Heskeths of Maynes – his sister married a Hesketh) hid here on many occasions to escape the Protestant authorities, as have many other priests who were always welcome here. We have reported sightings of priest-like figures in robes both in the house and in the grounds… is this the long dead Cardinal back to haunt his favourite hiding place…?

We have many ghosts here, some seen regularly by myself and others. The Hall was once a hotel and restaurant and during those 15 or so years, countless guests had ‘spooky experiences’ within these ancient walls.

We have sightings of a lady at the top of the grand staircase, she looks soulfully towards one area of the wall. A local psychic has said she is looking out for her lover, who appears to have deserted her.

Whilst renovating the old Hall just within the last few weeks, we found, behind new plasterboard, an old original window in exactly the location she seems to be looking out…!

Cavaliers are seen regularly in the ‘winter snug’ (used to be the old bar of the hotel) and there is a decidedly cold atmosphere and shapes are seen on the stairs where, history tells us, local marauders during the Jacobite rebellion, sought food and shelter here from the lady of the house, whilst her husband made himself scarce. Local legend speaks of swordfights on the stairs and one unfortunate lost his life.

Children feature strongly around the Hall and people often say they see children or hear them laughing and singing nursery rhymes. It is believed that these are the children of the Hesketh family who, sadly lost their lives at a young age, as was often the case during those ancient times.

There are local legends of wandering monks in the grounds, as the hall has possible links with Cockersand Abbey. Some say lay brothers died of the plague here and are reputedly buried beneath ancient trees at the back of the house.

First Broadcast: 6th December 2005

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  1. when lookin at the face orb i didnt see the face i just saw a hooded figure i dont know if anyone else could see it but with the constant mention on monks maybe it could be one of them.

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