Old Church House Inn History, Devon

Old Church House Inn, Devon
The Old Church House building dates from the 13th century, but the oldest part of the building is the fireplace which dates back to the eighth or ninth century.

Old Church House Paranormal Activity

Numerous paranormal experiences have been reported including footsteps and creaking floorboards heard all over the pub, lights turn on and off, strange sighs are heard, and people get touched on the back of the neck and feel as though someone is blowing in their ear.

In the family bedroom in the cottage, a man was seen recently looking down into the baby’s crib.

The man was over 6′ tall and was very broad. As soon as he was seen, he disappeared down the stairs. Thinking it was a burglar, the owner chased it down the stairs but found nothing – both the doors at the bottom of the stairs were closed: One leads into the bathroom that was empty, other opens inwards and was closed firmly.

After searching the property, nothing was found and there were no signs of a forced entry. One night, the owner woke again to find a lady in a bonnet. She put a finger on her lips and slowly vanished. In the main bar, candles relight themselves.

A spotlight in the bar turns itself off at 1430 each afternoon, then switches itself on by 1500.

One of the workers sat on the bench in front of the ‘Armada’ wall polishing brass, when she heard the bench creak next to her as though someone had just sat on it. The imprint of two faces has also been seen in the ‘Armada’ wall, as though pressed up against the wood.

They are believed to be the captain and first officer of the ship.

In the lounge, a figure has been seen descending a set of stairs that were taken out years ago.

In Old Church House Room 1, a guest wrote to the previous owner to describe what she had seen. She woke at 4 am in a hot sweat to see an arm at the end of the bed pointing towards the wall behind her. Five minutes later she saw a bald-headed man walk past the bed and disappear. She came up with the name Emmitt/Emitt.

First broadcast: 29th November 2005

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