Woodchester Mansion, Gloucestershire

Woodchester Mansion
The exact date for the start of building is uncertain, but by 1858 the clock tower had been completed, and by 1866 the main building had been roofed

Recorded paranormal activity:
In the top corridor, People have been poked and pushed, feel very uneasy up here, tapping is heard and others have experienced the strong feeling that they are not alone.
On the first floor, and near the Chapel Entrance and Master Bedroom, there have been sightings of a hooded figure, blue lights have been seen, a presence is felt, odd rumbling and tapping sounds are heard as is the sound of falling masonry is heard when there is none about.
On the stairs, people feel as though they are being pushed or as if there is an electrical jolt going through them.
Down the office corridor to the bedroom, awoman’s voice has been heard many times in here, often wailing. And visiting psychics often pick up on the presence of a woman here – she’s anxious and running, possibly something to do with a baby and from the house before the current one, possibly 18th Century and called Elizabeth.
In the kitchen, a woman, thought to be a former housemaid is often heard happily singing in here, however, sometimes her demeanor changes and she can be heard crying and shuffling is often heard outside in the corridor near here.
In the Great Hall, strange mists have been spotted as has a misty figure, odd light anomalies and the sound of hammering on the door has been heard.
In the Chapel, the sound of people talking in French have been picked up on EVP in here.
Outside, a tall man has also been seen on the track to the north of the house leading to the park, as have unseen children, which have been heard playing out in the park by the boat house

Most Haunted Investigation (Their 2nd Visit To This Location)
Gordon Smith picks up on a murder. It is interesting he doesn’t understand the language of what he feels was a stone mason who was murdered. David Well’s picks up on the same feelings and senses he may well have been French. As previously mentioned French voices have been picked up on EVP.

A séance is held and when spoken to in French, by Richard Felix, the table responds with very positive movements.

While investigating Stuart has a stone thrown at him which is clearly caught on camera, and witnessed by Yvette & Karl.

Richard gets tapping responses when asking for any spirit to contact him in the cellar.
Noises from the rafters heard by Stuart, was this bats or paranormal activity?

Both Karl & Stuart hear a noise which can only be described a deep breath, which is clearly audibly recorded. Bangs on the stairs, slamming doors and more stones being thrown continue to scare Karl & Stuart.

Gordon picks up the name LEE, is this William Leigh who brought the estate in 1845 ?

Power failures co-inside, Yvette loose power on both a torch and a camera.

A further stone finally finds a target and hits Karl in the back of the neck.

Ciarán O’Keeffe later studies the footage to confirm the first thrown stone could not have been thrown by any of the crew!
First Broadcast: 15th November 2005

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