Most Haunted Dartford Library

Dartford Library 

Dartford Library and the adjacent museum, was constructed in 1916. Originally this was a Carnegie library, built using money donated by Scottish-American businessman Andrew Carnegie, who was responsible for over 2,500 other libraries globally. It was designed by Thomas E. Tiffin AMICE and built in Bath of Portland and York stone, by Messrs H. Friday and Sons and Ling. It was opened in 1916 by A. W. Smale, the Chairman of the Dartford Urban District Council, and W. A. Ward, Chairman of the Library Committee. After successes of local exhibitions displaying Dartford artefacts gathered by collectors such as Dr John Latham, John Dunkin and E. C. Youens, it was decided to incorporate a museum into the library building. The museum room was officially opened in 1921 and the whole building was extended in 1937, to create the structure we see today.

First Broadcast: 7th February 2007

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