Most Haunted Hever Castle

Hever Castle

There have been three main periods in the construction of this historic castle. The oldest part of the castle dates to 1270 and consisted of the gatehouse and a walled bailey. In the early 1500’s, the Bullen family bought the castle and added a Tudor dwelling within the walls and so it became the childhood home of its most famous inhabitant, Anne Boleyn. It later passed into the ownership of Henry’s fourth wife, Anne of Cleves. From 1557 onwards the Castle was owned by a number of families including the Waldegrave’s, the Humfreys’ and the Meade Waldo’s. Finally, in 1903, William Waldorf Astor invested time, money and imagination in restoring the Castle, building the ’Tudor Village’ and creating the gardens and lake.

Since 1983, the castle has been owned by Broadland Porperties Limited and open to the public. The castle has a homely atmosphere and houses historic 16th century portraits, furniture and tapestries. Other artefacts include two magnificent Books of Hours (prayer books), both signed and inscribed by Anne Boleyn. A costumed figure exhibition in the Long Gallery adds to the atmosphere and is popular with the children The newly presented Council Chamber in the thirteenth century gatehouse contains recently acquired swords and armour which have been added to the existing collections of historic instruments of execution, torture and discipline.

First Broadcast: 27th March 2007

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