Most Haunted Matlock Bath Pavillion

Matlock Bath Pavillion 

The second pavillion in Matlock, also known as the Royal Pavillion. It was built in 1910 at a cost of £10,000 opposite the Fishpond Hotel.

Clearly designed to impress, it was built of brick with a large central dome and two smaller domes. It contained a theatre, a large ground floor room and a Pump Room.

The building has had many uses including a roller skating rink and a billet for soldiers during the war. The building was also the pump room for the town and spring waters would be pumped up into the area that is now the mining museum.

First Broadcast: 20th March 2007

3 thoughts on “Most Haunted Matlock Bath Pavillion”

  1. Most haunted crew are investigaters of the paranormal and there is times when spirits scare them when they dont expect it . it is normal as the spirit world is still not understood fully . i was so gutted to find out that most haunted had finished for good still a fan and amature investagator

  2. Why do the ‘Team’ all ask for people to come to them (from the other side) then scream their heads off when something happens and want to run away! How rude. If you dont want astrals there, then sodding dont ask them to come.

  3. My And My Boyfriend Walked Past The Pavillion Tonight And We Stared Up At The Window And I Saw A Big White Face With Black Eyes Was There Staring At Me, I Couldn’t Look Away For About 5 Minutes.. Apprently This Isn’t The First Time That This Has Happened!! Every Light I Walked Under Kept Flashing Or Turned Itself Off! Something Freaky Is Happening In That Place…

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