Most Haunted Stockport Workhouse

 Stockport Workhouse was officially opened on Christmas day 1841, although some inmates were actually admitted a few months bpreviously due to overcrowding at other workhouses. Records also show a parish workhouse somewhere in Stockport as far back as 1731.

It was designed by Henry Bowman. The only other workhouse that he designed was in Congleton, Cheshire but that has now been demolished.

The workhouse had a capacity of around 650, although this may have been exceeded at times. It’s estimated that between 25,000-30,000 people passed through its doors while it was open.

Within a year of it’s opening, there was a riot outside as around 20,000 people protested at the gates. This was a familiar site in many of the Northern industrial towns that were hit by a slump in manufacturing. The workhouse was known locally as ‘The Grubber’.

First Broadcast: 13th February 2007

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