Most Haunted The Boys Hall Kent

Boys Hall Kent 

Boys Hall is a 17th century Jacobean Manor House set in beautifully landscaped gardens. It retains an historical feeling with its low beams and huge fireplaces. Added to this as one of England’s most haunted houses it has a wealth of stories and local legends attached to it. The owners of Boys Hall have spent the last few years lovingly restoring it to its former glory after many years of neglect.

Boy’s Hall in Kent was offered for sale in 1993 by London estate agency John D. Wood, who made a point of informing prospective buyers of its history of hauntings. The Jacobean hall in Willesborough had been the scene of many gruesome events in its 360 year history; a young Irish dandy was supposedly killed in a secret duel in the grounds after seducing an English officer’s wife. Years later a woman’s skeleton, dressed in the Irishman’s clothes, was found buried under the floor by the lovelorn woman. A woman’s ghost has since been seen drifting around the house on “certain nights”.

First Broadcast: 9th January 2007

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  1. please could u tell me how long have and your husband been into the paranormal and hunting ghost.i am a beleaver in paranormal. i ave never been on a ghost hunt, what was it like when you and karl done your first most hunted. have you ever seen a ghost?

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