Chatham Dockyards

Chatham Dockyards

Naval dockyard

Although Queen Elizabeth I visited the area in 1573, the docks weren’t moved to the current location until 1622, and the first dry dock was built in the 1660s.

Bloody history:
Dutch Fleet successfully attacks the Chatham Docks, with many killed and wounded.

In 1864, the docks were staffed by French prisoners of war.

Ghost ratings:
The most well-known of the Chatham Dockyard ghosts – although it is reportedly haunted by several – is the apparition of a young teenage girl whose image has been seen often in a downstairs window. It is believed that she is waiting for her sailor lover to return from the sea.

The ghost of Lord Nelson has apparently been spotted here, although no-one seems to know why.

There may also be two other apparitions – one of a woman and the other of a not-very-nice man – who haunt the space which used to be a nursery.

There is also the ghost of a female supervisor who died in the 1980s who apparently haunts here to prod workers who aren’t pulling their weight.

Spooky experiences:
Footsteps have been heard in the darkest corners of the yard.
Doors have slammed of their own accord.
People have claimed to have seen the a headless drummer boy or duelling cavaliers!

 First Broadcast : 18th May 2004

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  1. I am a Masters student based at Bridge Wardens House in the historic dockyards on the dockside. I have heard a crying coming from the staircase to the Adnirals House which joins both buildings as one. It is during the daylight hours on the top floor where the sounds can be heard on the other side of the locked corridor leading over to the other building.

  2. Has anyone noticed that in this episode about 5 mins in when the camera is in the sail room there is a dark figure moving to the far right of shot. Is this “set up” or just not been noticed before?

  3. I have visited the dockyard at night on many of the organised ghost walks, I have seen a man at the end of the Cock Loft in the rope walk also witnessed by ywo others that were with me, in the spiining room, I saw a woman standing by one of the machines, in the mast house, several of us heard someone whistling, and I have seen two men in the sail and colour loft. This is one of the best sites I have visited for ghosts.

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