Chatham Dockyards

Chatham Dockyards

Naval dockyard

Although Queen Elizabeth I visited the area in 1573, the docks weren’t moved to the current location until 1622, and the first dry dock was built in the 1660s.

Bloody history:
Dutch Fleet successfully attacks the Chatham Docks, with many killed and wounded.

In 1864, the docks were staffed by French prisoners of war.

Ghost ratings:
The most well-known of the Chatham Dockyard ghosts – although it is reportedly haunted by several – is the apparition of a young teenage girl whose image has been seen often in a downstairs window. It is believed that she is waiting for her sailor lover to return from the sea.

The ghost of Lord Nelson has apparently been spotted here, although no-one seems to know why.

There may also be two other apparitions – one of a woman and the other of a not-very-nice man – who haunt the space which used to be a nursery.

There is also the ghost of a female supervisor who died in the 1980s who apparently haunts here to prod workers who aren’t pulling their weight.

Spooky experiences:
Footsteps have been heard in the darkest corners of the yard.
Doors have slammed of their own accord.
People have claimed to have seen the a headless drummer boy or duelling cavaliers!

 First Broadcast : 18th May 2004

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