Craig-y-Nos Castle


An early Victorian country house set in parkland, which was extensively built up in the late 1870s, adding north and south wings, a clock tower, conservatory, winter gardens and a theatre.

Constructed in 1840 by Captain Rice Davies Powell, the house was originally called Bryn Melin but purchased by famous opera singer Adelina Patti in 1878 and renamed for the Welsh of “Rock of the Night.”

Bloody history:
After the death of Adelina, the castle was sold and became a sanitorium for patients with TB between 1920-1960.

Ghost ratings:
– Adelina is rumoured to haunt the hotel and the opera house, as is her first husband, the Marquis of Caux.
– The ghosts of patients from when the Castle was a hospital have been seen wandering around the building.
– A jazz drummer recently played at the Jazz bar within the castle, and was sitting among a small group of people by the fire. The drummer struck up a conversation with a lady who asked him if he sang. He replied ‘No’ and she said that she believed he great potential as a singer. He left the conversation, came back but the lady had gone. When he asked where the lady in grey had gone, the other people sitting with the drummer replied that there had been no-one there.

Spooky Experiences:
– Playing the song “Home Sweet Home” is said to bring the spirit of Patti forward.
– A photo was taken recently of a wedding, and when it was developed appears to have the eerie image of a ghost on it.
During WWII, two young nurses said that they heard a voice singing her scales in the corridors outside their room. They got scared and slept in a different room that night, It was said that Adelina used to practice her scales every day until the day she died.
-A lady pianist once claimed that she was performing one night in the theatre when she felt a strange presence about her, at which point she began playing a piece that was unknown to her, perfectly.
-Many bangs, creaks, slamming doors and other noises have been heard throughout the castle.

First broadcast: 30th March 2004

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