Croxteth Hall

Croxteth Hall

The main building is surrounded by a working farm, a Victorian walled garden and country park.

Built in 1575. The last works on the hall were completed in 1902.

Bloody history:
Home of the Earls of Sefton for over 400 years, Croxteth Hall has had a relatively quiet past. The last of the Seftons died in 1972 and left no heirs.

Ghost ratings:
The ghost of a boy has been seen in the Dining room by the fireplace. A figure dressed in a period costume has been spotted by staff and the public in both Lady Sefton’s sitting room and in the corridor.

The Shadow of a figure has been spotted in the billiard room
It is reported that the 6th Countess of Sefton claimed that she saw the ghost of her dead husband in the principle bedroom
The 6th Earl of Sefton’s ghost has also been spotted striding through the tearoom.

Spooky Experiences:
Footsteps have been heard in the attic, and in the Sefton corridor, where taps have been inexplicably turned on in full, cupboard doors and main doors have banged shut and voices have also been heard here.

Shadows and figures have been seen regularly in the principal corridor. Giggling has been heard in Bedroom O and the Molyneux corridor, and figures have also been seen here.
Constant electrical faults (which, when the electricians appear to fix them, seem to disappear) in the Housekeepers’ corridor.
An attendant once felt a force pushing her off the chair she was standing on to clean.

The scent of very strong tobacco has been detected in the Servants’ hall – even though nobody has been smoking.
Inexplicably, items have disappeared, oil lamps have fallen over and smashed for no particular reason, and film crews have all been spooked on the Croxteth Hall grounds.

First Broadcast: 13th April 2004

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