Mary Kings Close, Edinburgh

Mary Kings Close

– A number of underground closes, with houses that stretch up to seven stories high, on either side of the narrow walkways.

– The Closes were built in early 17th century, but there are records of tenements on the land as early as 1526.

Bloody history:
– Plague hit the Close in 1645.
– Fire ravaged the area in 1750.
– In WWII, the Close buildings were used as air raid shelters.

Ghost ratings:
– The ghost of Mary King reportedly haunts the area.
– The apparition of little girl, her face covered in pustules from the plague, has been seen in the Close’s Shrine Room
– The vision of a grim, grey-haired old man has also been seen on numerous occasions.
– Dismembered body parts have been reported floating above the ground, including a child’s head and a severed arm.

Spooky experiences:
– 17 and 18 Market Street have experienced the most alleged paranormal activity.
– Strange noises have been reported up and down the Close.
– Unexplained cold spots have occurred in many rooms.
– Many wraith-like beings have been seen.

First Broadcast: 4th May 2004

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