Wellington Hotel, Cornwall

Wellington Hotel

– Genuine C-listed 16th Century coaching inn. Originally called Bos Castle Hotel but it was renamed the Scotts Wellington in 1852, after the late Duke of Wellington.

– Parts of the hotel date back 300 years. It was extended in 1860.

Bloody history:
– A number of prominent people have stayed at the hotel, including Edward VII, novelist Thomas Hardy and Sir Henry Irving, the first actor to be knighted. However, the hotel’s history has been a fairly quiet one.

Ghost ratings:
– A frock-coated figure with a ruffled shirt, ponytail and leather gaiters (much like a coachman or stableman) has been seen moving across the landing
– The apparition of a young girl, seen outside rooms 15, 16 and 17 on the landings, has been spotted on several occasions passing through windows and doors.
– A little old lady has been reported passing through the closed door of room 9.

Spooky experiences:
– A ghostwriter, staying at the hotel, reported his small dog pursuing some sort of “animal friendly” apparition. The writer didn’t see the figure, but his wife saw it, as did the dog, who followed it, wagging its tail!

 First Broadcast : 11th May 2004

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