Kiplin Hall Yorkshire

Kiplin Hall

Kiplin Hall is a Jacobean historic house at Kiplin in North Yorkshire, England, that is now a Grade I listed building. It stands by the River Swale in the Vale of Mowbray. The nearest villages are Scorton, Great Langton and Bolton-on-Swale. Much of the local landscape has been extensively quarried for sand and gravel extraction.

The house was built in the 1620s for George Calvert, Secretary of state to James I, who later became first Lord Baltimore and founder of Maryland, USA.

Ghostly goings-on at the hall are reported to include footsteps and sobbing in a drawing room, a Victorian woman seen on a staircase and a 1940s airman spotted in a kitchen. Many visitors and volunteers have also smelled pipe smoke in an old kitchen and a hint of cologne has been detected in another drawing room. Orbs have appeared in photos.

A permanent exhibition charts the founding of Maryland by George Calvert and the lives of the families that have lived in Kiplin Hall through the centuries.

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