Maesmawr Hall

Maesmawr Hall

The area around Maesmawr was occupied during Roman times. Due to its location near the banks of the River Severn, the Romans built a road through the area. A Welsh Long House was once located in the grounds. A listed building, it was built in the Tudor style in 1535. In the early 19th century it became a notable sporting estate for shooting game.  In the 1870s it was known to have been owned by John Pryce Davies and was owned for many years by his family, the Davies sisters in the 1900s. In August 2008 the hall was purchased by Nigel Humphryson.

Today the hall is used as a hotel with 18 bedrooms and is often hired for wedding receptions, proms and social evenings. The original rooms from the 1535 building have the original beams and uneven floors. In the Victorian period a wing was added to the hall; those rooms are larger and brighter

An old Roman road passed through the grounds of the hall and people have reported seeing Roman legionnaires.  One report was of a businessman staying at the manor who was previously a sceptic of ghosts and when staying there one night reported that when he looked out of the window he could see a road disappearing under the building with a Roman legion marching along.

Manor groundsMid Wales Paranormal (MWP) investigated at the hall and reported that, “There were light orbs and anomalies at the hall, and while investigating in a room upstairs, there was movement and the floor actually moved.”  Sightings of an Elizabethan housekeeper have been seen going through the wall in the panelled hallway and the ghost of a wicked man named Robin Drwg is said to haunt the woods on the grounds who assumes the form of a bull. A man and his dog and a servant are said to appear in the cellar and the Davies sisters who ran the hall in the 1900s have also been reported as being seen.

Nigel Humphryson, the owner since 2008, has not reported having seen anything. However, he has confessed to hearing voices and banging which he could not account for.

News Article from Country Times

MAESMAWR Hall Hotel is set to feature in the next season of Living TV’s Most Haunted.

The ghost hunting crew from the popular series visited Maesmawr, near Caersws, last week to film for the show – following up on the County Times own ghost hunt last year.

The hotel was featured in the County Times last October when deputy editor Mark Lingard and photographer Rob Davies joined forces with Newtown Paranormal to investigate the legend of Maesmawr ghosts.

Living TV has now visited the hotel to conduct its own investigation and has confirmed the show will form part of its series 14 and will most likely be televised next year.

The hotel has been on the site since the 1600s, a location which previously housed a Welsh Long House and a Roman road and fort. Legend has it that Maesmawr was inhabited by a ghost called ‘Robin Drwg’ (Wicked Robin) who was said to assume the form of a bull.

He was eventually overcome by the united efforts of seven parsons and laid in Llyn Tarw (the Bull’s Pool).

The County Times’ own investigation found several strange goings on, such as a skeletal hand caught on camera, a black mist hanging above a chair in one room and most inexplicably Mark Lingard witnessed the figure of a lady walking in the grounds.
Maesmawr Hall’s owner, Nigel Humphryson, revealed the Living TV’s crew, including Yvette Fielding and a medium, took over the hotel for three days to complete the filming.

Although unable to reveal details about the team’s findings, Nigel did confirm that they held a seance and had found some “interesting things”.

He said: “I think it all went really quite well, most of the filming is done without any of us around so we didn’t actually get to see what they found. From what I can gather it went really very well. They held a seance and picked up on a number of things.”
Nigel said there had been a number of incidents at the hotel since he took over in August last year.

He said: “Since we have been here there have been some strange happenings.

“One businessman came down in the morning to check out and said he wasn’t into ghosts and ghouls but had been woken up in the night by the sound of steps outside.

” He said that when he looked out of the window he could see a road disappearing under the building with a Roman legion marching along!”

Nigel said he has not seen any ghosts but had encountered strange happenings: “I’ve just heard voices and noises, banging doors and stuff like that, I haven’t seen anything.”

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  2. That place is weird.. Nothing nasty but there’s definitely something in there. I loved working there and I’ve left for personal reasons but there were some interesting storys from guests. .And some weird feeling especially at night when leaving work.. Great place tho

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