Verdley Woods Fernhurst

Fernhurst is a large village on the A286, Haslemere to Midhurst road, in West Sussex, but close to the Surrey border, and includes the settlements of Bell Vale, Kingsley Green and Henley Common.

Although an active village with a modern outlook, Fernhurst is steeped in history, beginning life as a small scattered settlement in Saxon times.
Once called Farnhurst, the name is derived from the Anglo Saxon – “fern covered hill”. The village is surrounded by hills, including, to the northeast, Blackdown, at 919ft, the highest hill in Sussex.

Verdley Woods

The legendary ghost of the last bear to be killed in England is said to haunt Verdley Woods just south of Fernhurst. An Australian television crew went in search of the spectral animal but were unable to find it.

Just to the south of the estate, in ‘Fordly Coppice’, is the site of Verdley Castle, dating from the 13th century.

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  1. this is an amazing experiance for you and i have ghosts appear there at night and bones lying around the floor

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