Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Blackpool Ghost Train

The Most Haunted team spend 24 hours at Blackpool’s famous funfair, Pleasure Beach, to investigate stories of a haunted ghost train and frightening poltergeist activity. Derek is able to learn more about the infamous ghost Mr Glogs, who is said to haunt the ghost train. H also sees the spirits of some mischievous children in the giftshop. The team hear footsteps following them as they walk through the dark tunnel of the ghost train… are the girls’ screams caused by ghostly hands touching their heads?

First Broadcast: 6th August 2002

6 thoughts on “Blackpool Pleasure Beach”

  1. good morning nikki xxx Claire xxx debby xxx Vicki xxx hope every one is ok and well I try and post over lm over here bit nippy this moning still not long for Halloween and the new era of mh x

  2. been on tht ghost train and felt people touching your head bt i didnt think nothing of it bt to be honest lst time i went on it i didnt feel someone touching my head x

  3. Can people plz tell me if all these ghosts are real or not? coz i was just at the park a few days ago on the ghost train and didn’t hear anything. I need 2 no if these ghost stories r true. I can’t tell you why i just need 2 no.

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