Souter Lighthouse, Tyne and Wear

Souter Lighthouse

Built in 1871, the Souter Lighthouse in Tyne and Wear was once home to Grace Darling’s niece Isabelle in 1881.

As the investigation begins, Derek picks up on tobacco smells from a man from the Cantris shipwreck at the top of the lighthouse. Yvette and Jason detect paranormal activity on one of the monitors in the kitchen whilst on a tea break. The ghost of Isabelle reveals her presence to Derek in the kitchen and the living quarters, while equipment in the kitchen mysteriously turns itself on…

First broadcast: 9th July 2002

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  1. ive been to Souter Lighthouse Ive been up the top i saw the big light ive turned it im 11 so cool so bewere im an expert ghost hunter this is megan hanna reaper over and out xxxxxx your the best ghost hunters ever! love you guys

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