Sheffield’s National Emergency Services Museum

Sheffield Fire Museum

Opened in the year 1900 the Sheffield  Police/Fire Station was one of the UK’s first purpose built combined Stations.

After being retired from service in the late 60’s the building was acquired by The South Yorkshire Fire Service Historical Society in 1981. After years of improvements and renovations the museum opened its doors in 1983 as ‘South Yorkshire Fire Service Museum’.  The museum is now known as ‘National Emergency Services Museum’.

The museum is also one of the nation’s leading venues for paranormal groups; poltergeist activity, demons, mysterious figures are often sighted roaming the corridors and, of course, the legendary evil spirit Caine has been known to make appearances too.  All these have been documented by many a visitor & investigation teams.

Various paranormal investigators have come into the building to seek out the many spirits that are said to haunt the building, however, out of all the suspected spirits only one name has come up repeatedly. Caine.

What will the Most Haunted Team unearth at this location during Series 16 2014 ?


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