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The Ye Olde Kings Head, built in 1622, on foundations dating back to the early 1200’s, boasting Elizabethan fireplaces and timber recovered from one of Admiral Lord Nelsons sunken ships, this inn has many stories to tell.

During a refurbishment in the 1930’s, a sword was found hidden under the floorboards of bedroom number 4, which can now be found hanging proudly on the wall of the bar.

The Ye Olde Kings Head is amongst the most haunted inns in the country, boasting 13 resident spirits. 6 of the 8 hotel rooms are rife with paranormal activity ranging from strange noises, shadows and sighting.

TV’s Most Haunted visits city ale house – Chester Chronicle

Knocking noises were heard during filming of TV’s Most Haunted at one of Chester’s oldest pubs

Presenter Yvette Fielding has been investigating things that go bump in the night – and during the day – at Ye Olde King’s Head in Lower Bridge Street which is now marketing itself as a haunted venue.

When The Chronicle caught up with Yvette she hadn’t witnessed anything untoward in the 1622 Tudor building but a female crew member chipped in: “I’ve heard knocking. I could hear it, really weird.”

“That will be interesting,” said Yvette, who confirmed she hadn’t heard or seen anything.

“Not yet, but then I often find that you’ve got to be in the right mindset.

“Having said that, sometimes we’ve been to locations and the first thing that will happen is the electricity will go, which is a bit strange, and all the batteries will drain for no explanation.”

Yvette, who lives in Sandbach with husband Karl and works on the show with him, added: “This is a great location and I was trying to find the right location in Chester because I’m a massive fan of Chester and myself and my husband Karl love coming here.”

Karl said: “This place has got a reputation for being not just the most haunted pub but the most haunted building in Chester.

“Chester is one of the most haunted places in the country so this has got to be certainly in the top one or two or three of the most haunted places in the world. We just had to come.”

Yvette, famously a former Blue Peter presenter, admits to being a supernatural doubter when she first got involved with ghost hunting.

“I started off as a sceptic and now I’m a 100% believer. I now know that when we die there is something, it’s not just it.

“There are lot of different theories but none of us will really know what a ghost is, what it’s made of.

“Lots of people like to think that they know but actually none of us do.

“All I know is I’ve had some very unexplainable happenings that have scared me to death but at the same time have just enthralled me.

“It’s very, very exciting to have something where you actually see something with your own eyes and it’s also really good when two or more of you see exactly the same thing at the same time, so you know you’re not imagining it.”

Owner Harry Achilleos, who runs a paranormal events company, aims to market the King’s Head as a ghost venue.

“I used to do paranormal events from here and then bought the business and I’m in the process of buying the building, trying to market the place as a haunted destination as there is a lot of activity in here.

“We have mediums from all over the country that pick up on between 13 to 16 spirits, loads of ghostly goings on. And obviously the word’s got out there and Yvette got in contact with us.

“On average about once a week you experience some type of supernatural goings on.

“Obviously with some of them you can find out what the reason is and it’s down to just strange noises but a lot of the time you can’t find an answer for them.

“We have children running up and down the corridors, people knocking on the doors at night, things being moved at night.

“The chef has had knives thrown at him, like a butter knife, not anything sharp. We’ve had doors opening and closing on command, lights turning on and off, just really strange goings on.”

Explaining the tale behind the children, he explained: “There’s supposedly a love story that’s involved.

The family who occupied the pub, the lady was having an affair with a gentleman who lived above the doll shop over the road. The husband found out and didn’t want to break his family up so he murdered them at the River Dee every day the woman looks out of the room trying to find where her partner is and she ends up committing suicide herself because she is distraught and the children that they had to wander the corridor trying to find them.”

Harry, who often sleeps over, added: “Initially when I first came in here, it was a bit daunting coming down for a drink of juice at nighttime.”


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  1. hope you run towards the ghostly noises and apparitions and not away screaming in this new series, you are there to find spirits not run away from them, less chat and more listening would be useful also better tech would help capture sights and sounds, watch ghost adventures with Zak and his team.

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