Kasteel Doorwerth

Kasteel Doorwerth

Ancient castle located on the border of the Rhine. It was a centre of power, government, and administration of justice. In 1260 there was a wooden fortress on the site, which was destroyed by a warlord of the bishop of Utrecht. But 20 years later it had been rebuilt in stone, and was again besieged and plundered.

In the early 15th century the North Wing was added, together with battlements and defence towers. During the latter half of the century, the big tower and parts of the South Wing were built.

During the 16th century there was another floor added to the East wing, the South Wing was extended, and the round tower with winding stairs connected all the floors of the extended castle. By around 1640 the castle reached its present shape.

Through its long history it was repeatedly besieged, burnt down, restored and left uninhabited for long periods of time. The most severe destruction happened during and after the Battle of Arnhem in September 1944. Almost 75 percent of the castle was destroyed and again renovation works started and were completed in 1983.

The castle was refurbished in 17th century style, and was officially opened as a museum by Queen Juliana in 1986.

Ghost ratings:
Among the ghosts that are said to exist on the castle ground are:

*the figure of what could possibly a father who cast off his daughter, and locked her up in one of the dungeons

*the misty apparition of one of the castellans, who killed his friend because he wanted his wife for his own

*the unhappy ghost of a servant, who stole silver and who apparently died of starvation

*the ghost of a witch-like woman, in a carriage pulled by headless horses

Spooky experiences:
A British paranormal psychologist who carried out his own investigation at the castle said he spotted two vapour-like mists

One woman claimed that while she was looking at a picture in the castle, she suddenly felt cold and very scared.

A former employee of the museum always felt unpleasant while working alone in the castle. He was convinced of hearing footsteps, although no-one else was present.

First Broadcast: 28th September 2004

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